Pompeo Sounds The Alarm – China Attempting To Intercept US-Israel Intelligence

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The Trump Administration has been concerned about Israel’s flourishing relations with China. As long as the pro-Israel President Trump is in office, Israel will continue to defer to the United States, as they should.

However, President Trump has correctly described the Democrat Party as anti-Israel and anti-Jewish. What will happen if a Democrat is elected President in 2020? What if someone such as Bernie Sanders, who hates Israel, and who wants to re-enter the Iran Nuclear Deal, and who aligns with people who support the BDS Movement and Hamas, is ever elected President? What is Israel to do? Has anyone ever asked that question?

China’s investment in Israel could undermine intelligence-sharing and other cooperation between the United States and the major Middle Eastern ally, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned Thursday.

“Intelligence sharing might have to be reduced, co-location of security facilities might have to be reduced,” Pompeo said during an interview conducted in Jerusalem about Chinese investment. “We want to make sure that countries understand this and know these risks.”

Pompeo is traveling in the Middle East in his latest effort to orchestrate a partnership between Israel and Arab powers against Iran, while setting the table for the U.S. to unveil an Israeli-Palestinian peace plan. But the top U.S. diplomat has had one eye on the Communist power for months, especially when he travels in countries where Chinese telecommunications companies are making inroads.

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