WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO: From The Bowels Of Liberal Society Life, Liberty, And Honor Have Lost All Meaning

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Growing up, I would sometimes hear talk of, “When I was a kid, we didn’t lock our doors.”

That was amazing to me. But America went from unlocked to doors to deadbolts to security systems in short order.

Now what should be the protectors of society are victimizing others — in New York and Virginia, elected officials have declared babies open prey for murder (herehere, and here).

Many in the political sphere embrace euthanasia, and in some parts of the world, legally-induced death is finding its way to the veins of children (here). Otherwise, the undesirable and the old are being snuffed out (here and here).

Life has lost much value. And with life goes the world.

There are indeed glimpses of hope: on February 25th, I covered the story of Good Samaritans trying to save a mailman from a vicious pit bull attack. See that emotional video here.

As opposed to such lights in the darkness, a video posted to Twitter Thursday displayed a man’s brutalization of an elderly woman on a New York subway train.

In the 20-second clip, he kicks the 78-year-old in the face and head. He also stomps on her stomach and breasts.

I’ve never seen such violence against an elderly person. She has no recourse. No way of defending herself. Her head bounces off his large boot.

Watching the video, I felt as though I was witnessing a Nazi soldier violently assaulting a helpless Jew. It stung of the ugliness of the pogroms.

Additionally disturbing is the fact that no one helped her. The audience’s response was simply to yell, “Ooh!” as if egging on a schoolyard fight.

I’m providing the video below — WARNING: GRAPHIC VIOLENCE.

If you can stomach it, look into the bowels of society. And then let me know — in the Comments section below — how have we reached this place? And how can we return to a less ugly America?

I look forward to your thoughts. And a change in our world.

Via RedState

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