Rep. Devin Nunes Has HAD ENOUGH Of Twitter’s Conservative Censorship, Slaps Them With $250M Lawsuit!

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Bravo. This is long overdue. We can only hope that there will be many more such suits. Twitter is evil. I have been repeatedly libeled on Twitter, as have many others who dissent from the leftist agenda. I’ve also been shadow banned and many of my followers banned for being conservative, but vile Jew-haters such as Louis Farrakhan are sanctioned and normed. Twitter has silenced numerous conservative voices, as have the other social media giants. They are desperate to control the public discourse so that only leftists’ voices are heard, and the Democrats win big victories. Antitrust action is urgently needed.

“Rep. Devin Nunes Files $250M Defamation Lawsuit Against Twitter, Two Anonymous Twitter Accounts,” Daily Beast, March 18, 2019:

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) sued Twitter, two anonymous Twitter accounts, and political consultant Liz Mair for more than $250 million, alleging that the defendants engaged in “negligence, defamation per se, insulting words, and civil conspiracy.” In the suit, Nunes accuses Twitter of having a “political agenda” by allowing two anonymous accounts—“Devin Nunes’ Mom” (@DevinNunesMom) and “Devin Nunes’ Cow” (@DevinCow)—and Mair to attack, defame, and demean him. The suit alleges the two Twitter accounts “engaged in a vicious defamation campaign against Nunes that lasted over a year,” and claims Mair “relentlessly smeared and defamed” the lawmaker by “filming stunts” at his D.C. office, accusing him of “multiple crimes,” and “filing fraudulent ethics complaints” against him. The lawsuit also claims Twitter shadow-banned Nunes, which “restrict[ed] his free speech” and “amplif[ied] the abusive and hateful content” the Twitter accounts and Mair were posting. In addition, Nunes requested the court to order Twitter to reveal the identities of the anonymous accounts and to suspend @DevinNunesMom, @DevinCow, and Liz Mair….

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