Beto Doubles Down On ‘Woman’s Right’ To Abort Whenever She Would Like – Says Universal Healthcare Should Completely Cover It

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As Red State‘s Bonchie wrote this morning, newly-declared presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke is falling in line with the extremist left on the issue of abortion.

During a campaign stop in Cleveland Monday, he said “That should be a decision that the woman makes. I trust her” in response to a specific question about third trimester abortions.

Today while at Penn State O’Rourke was again about the issue, and had the chance to clarify his position. Instead, he doubled down – and expanded on it:

“I just want to make sure that I had clarity: Yesterday when you were asked about abortion, you said it’s a woman’s right to choose, correct? Does that include up into the third trimester?” asked the Washington Examiner’s Salena Zito, who trailed O’Rourke as he was walking the Penn State University campus.

“I think those decisions are best left to a woman and her doctor. I know better than to assume anything about a woman’s decision, an incredibly difficult decision when it comes to her reproductive rights,” O’Rourke responded. “Roe v. Wade, though it’s being tested unlike any other time, it’s still the law of the land, it must be upheld. When we’re talking about universal health care, we’re talking about women’s health care.”

Watch video of the exchange between Zito and O’Rourke below:

Here’s what O’Rourke knows:

No matter how many gaffes he makes on the campaign trail, no matter how often he gets reminded of his “straight while male privilege“, no matter what is dug up by his Democratic opposition about his weird younger years, as long as he toes the line as it relates to abortion on demand he will ultimately stay in the good graces of the Democratic party.

Watching the 2020 presidential candidates try to outflank each other on the abortion issue in the coming months is going to be a seriously nauseating experience.

Via RedState

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