Sickening: MSNBC Commentator Blames WHITE AMERICANS For New Zealand Shooting

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Friday on MSNBC’s “Live,” Princeton professor and network contributor Eddie Glaude, Jr. commented on the mass shooting at two New Zealand mosques that left 49 dead.

Glaude said, “I am thinking about all of Muslim parents in New Zealand who have to talk to their children. Who have to allay their fears about going to Jum’ah, Jum’ah prayers on Fridays. Who have to keep the hate from taking root in their souls as fear. Because we live in a world that’s really dominated in interesting sorts of ways by a politics of hatred and fear that’s exploited by people for their own political gains. What’s clear to me, and we see this in the United States, is the problem is not with immigrants. The problem is not the people of color. It is not us. It has something to do with the crisis of whiteness and how it is generating unimaginable carnage.”

He added, “What I have been trying to do is make sense of this at the existential level, at the level of what it means to have to raise one’s babies where you are targeted in this way. So as we think of what’s happening and we look on and examine what we are doing over here, we have to understand how hatred and fear is eroding the soul of the country and address it honestly.”

Via Breitbart

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