This Actual Piece of Illegal Immigrant Garbage Was Just Accused of Beating His Newborn Son Nearly to Death

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An illegal alien has been arrested and charged after allegedly beating his newborn baby boy to potential death, Texas prosecutors say.

From Breitbart:

Illegal alien Luis Pacheco, 27, has been accused of beating his two-week-old son in the head, stomach, and groin region, leaving permanent brain damage that is likely to lead to the child’s death, officials said in court.

Initially, Pacheco allegedly told police he called 911 hours after the child could barely breathe from him dropping the newborn baby on his head during a diaper change.

When the baby was rushed to the hospital following the 911 call, Harris County Sheriff’s officers spoke with doctors, who revealed that the child’s head, stomach, and groin injuries were not consistent with the fall that Pacheco had described.

During a court hearing, state prosecutors gave details to the baby’s life-threatening condition, saying, “The officer spoke with the doctor, who stated that the complainant is alive at this time, as he’s being kept alive on life support.”

“However, he has decreased brain activity,” the prosecutor said, according to ABC13. “His intestines are not functional and he will die of his injuries.”

The illegal alien has been handed a $250,000 bond and the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials have issued a detainer for his arrest and deportation. Should the newborn baby die, state prosecutors will seek capital murder charges.

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