What A WEASEL! Cohen Gets Nailed Down By Rep. Virginia Foxx, Admits He Plans To Bank On Book, Movie, And TV Deals!

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Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) asked Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen on Wednesday whether he would commit to signing a book deal, a movie deal, or becoming a cable news commentator based on his experience as the billionaire’s former lawyer–Cohen could not commit.

Foxx asked Cohen during the House Oversight Committee whether he would commit to making money as Trump’s former lawyer by becoming a news commentator or signing a book deal. The North Carolina congresswoman described Cohen as an “all around liar.”

Foxx said:

I’m concerned that you could be using your story and this congressional platform for your personal benefit such as a desire to make book deals.

Can you commit, under oath, that you have not or will not pursue a book or a movie deal based on your experiences working for the president?

Cohen responded, “No.”

Foxx asked, “You cannot commit to making money off a book or movie deal based on your work?”

Cohen continued, suggesting that he has spoken to people about making a book or movie deal about his experience as Trump’s lawyer. Cohen said:

No, well, there’s two parts to your question. The first part of your question you asked whether or not I spoke to people regarding a possible book deal and I have. I spoke to people who have sought me out regarding a movie deal.

Foxx then said, “I said, can you commit under oath that you have not or will not pursue a book deal.”

Cohen said, “I would not do that, no.”

Foxx then asked Cohen if he would commit to not becoming a major cable news commenter based on his experiences with the president—Cohen said no. Cohen also said he would not commit to whether he would run for political office in New York.

The North Carolina congresswoman then asked, “So, you won’t commit to changing your ways because you want to use” your experience as “a liar, a cheater, a convicted liar, to make money. That’s what you want to do?”

Cohen then retorted that his experiences would likely not get him a book or a movie deal.

Via Breitbart

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