Johnny Manziel’s Career in the CFL is Over – But The Reason Why He Was Fired Is NOTHING Like What You’re Expecting

Johnny Manziel was reportedly banned from the Canadian Football League (CFL) for missing meetings.

From Daily Caller:

According, Manziel was booted out of the league and cut from the Montreal Alouettes after he missed mandatory meetings required by the league. When he joined the CFL in the summer of 2018, the Texas A&M Heisman winner was required to attended mandatory doctor appointments and therapy, according to USA Today.

Manziel missing the meetings and getting tossed from the league was described as “an out clause if he wanted it” by

If this report is accurate, then Manziel has nothing to worry about when it comes to getting in the AAF or XFL. When the CFL didn’t really say anything about why the legendary college quarterback got kicked out, people obviously ran with all different kinds of theories. 

Missing meetings in an attempt to get out of his contract will mean nothing in the long run. People were worried about substance abuse issues, and that doesn’t sound like it’s the case at all.

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