Poll Results Are In: President Trump’s ‘Best Performance Yet’, He ‘Crushed Obama’s SOTU Ratings’

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President Donald Trump voiced the thoughts of the American people Tuesday during his State of the Union speech, according to two polls that show overwhelming support for Trump’s speech.

CBS Evening News revealed on Twitter that in its polling, “76 percent of viewers approved of what they heard in Pres. Trump’s #SOTU speech; 72 percent said they approved of Pres. Trump’s ideas for immigration.”

CBS noted that among Republicans who watched the speech, 97 percent approved of what Trump was saying.

The poll also revealed that of those watching, 71 percent believe there is a crisis at America’s southern border.

Trump made immigration a major theme of his address, telling the joint session of Congress and the millions who watched him on TV, “Tonight, I am asking you to defend our very dangerous southern border out of love and devotion to our fellow citizens and to our country.”

CNN poll also found that 76 percent of those responding had a positive reaction to Trump’s speech. The poll found that 59 percent said there were “very positive” in their reaction to the president’s speech.

The CNN poll found that 68 percent of those polled said Trump’s immigration policies will move the nation in the right direction.

Commentators joined poll respondents and those in the Twitterverse in praising Trump.

“Calling out Democrats on their previous support of a wall was effective. And Trump even got the angry resistance clapping for him when he talked about the unprecedented number of women serving in Congress,” contributor Ed Rogers wrote in an Op-Ed for The Washington Post.

“At about 50 minutes into the speech, the Democrats seemed to yield and acknowledge that this was the president’s forum and this was his night. Trump’s presentation became more confident, and he seemed to lean in to the occasion. He knew that he had the room,” Rogers said.

“I give Trump credit for clarifying the debate about the evolution of abortion in America and drawing a clear line of what the Democrats want vs. what Republicans see as horrific extinguishing of human life,” he also wrote.

One commentator praised the theme of unity in Trump’s speech.

“In a speech that was interrupted 102 times by applause, President Trump rocked the House, delivering remarks that were at times moving, funny, inspiring, feisty and visionary. He appealed to lawmakers in both parties to rise above partisan politics and define victory as ‘not winning for one party but winning for our country,’” Fox Newscontributor Liz Peek wrote in an Op-Ed.

“The president appealed at one time or another to everyone in the chamber, reaching across the aisle on numerous occasions to promote popular causes like criminal justice reform, the elimination of childhood cancer or the eradication of AIDS,” she wrote.

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