You’ll Roll Your Eyes As Alexandira Ocasio-Cortez Laments Over Americans Working Hard For What They Want: ‘This Is NOT Normal’

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New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez believes that working for what you need is immoral.

She believes that it should not be normal to have to work for the things you and your family want and need.

That is the message she sent on Saturday when she quote tweeted a tweet from a laid off Buzzfeed writer.

The writer shared a photo of herself and her son that read “Trying to get a job ASAP so this kiddo can have health insurance, if you see anything send it my way please.”

A normal message from someone looking for a job, and not complaining about having to work.

But the 29-year-old took that as a sign that the entire system of capitalism is broken.

“It is truly not okay that posts like these are the everyday reality in the United States, and that some consider the notion of changing it for the better as ‘controversial’ or ‘divisive.’

“Our ‘normal’ is not normal. A better world is possible, and it will come if we work for it,” she wrote.

I decided to reply to her and translate what she said for those who did not get it.

“It is not okay to work for the things you want? Other people have to provide it for you? You would have loved the Soviet Union.

“When you say “it will come if we work for it” what you mean is it will come if other people do the work for you,” I wrote.

Others agreed.

Via Federalistpapers

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