Democratic Rep. John Yarmuth Wants To Strip Youth Of First Amendment, Seeks Punishment For Young Conservatives

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It’s been a long week for President Donald Trump’s most fervent critics.

First, there was the widely mocked BuzzFeed debacle that saw even Robert Mueller break his relative silence to categorically deny that Trump ordered his former lawyer to lie to Congress.

Then came the overly-eager story about “Make America Great Again”-hat wearing teenagers terrorizing a Native American activist, which turned out to be widely debunked, or at least mis-characterized, leftist narrative.

It seems that a rough week for Trump haters has started to break some brains.

It’s bad enough when far leftists and general loons are losing their minds and calling for teenagers to be thrown in a wood chipper.

But when elected officials start piling on the lunacy, too? We may have officially jumped the shark.

Democratic Rep. John Yarmuth took to Twitter shortly after the incident and responded to the wildly inaccurate leftist narrative by arguing for… censorship?

“I am calling for a total and complete shutdown of teenagers wearing MAGA hats until we can figure out what is going on,” Yarmuth posted on Twitter. “They seem to be poisoning young minds.”

Um… what? The only way Yarmuth could possibly defend himself for that statement would be if MAGA hats were actually being lined with poison on the inside. Last I checked, that’s not happening, so did an elected official really just call for an assault on freedom of speech?

The offensiveness of such a sentiment being uttered by a government official is readily apparent. Yarmuth is operating on a dangerously slippery slope here. What about shirts? Bracelets? If I’m triggered by the newest Air Jordan’s because I can’t afford them, shouldn’t those be banned too to protect my mind from being poisoned with jealousy? It’s insanity.

Yarmuth was promptly, and deservedly, taken to task on social media for his comments.

Yarmuth only made matters worse when he decided an attack on President Donald Trump would be preferable to an actual apology.

To be clear, his “joke” was far from obvious. He followed that up by calling himself a “passionate supporter” of the 1st Amendment… so long as they align with his personal viewpoints.

Never let it go unsaid that censorship is a frequently utilized tactic of the far left.

Rep. Yarmuth did not respond for comment when contacted on Twitter.

Via WesternJournal

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