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Put It In Perspective: 6 Weeks of Costs for Military in the Afghan War Would Fund The Entire Border Wall

Just six weeks of the ongoing war in Afghanistan could cover the entire cost of the wall proposed by President Donald Trump.

From Daily Caller:

The president has asked Congress for $5.7 billion to fund border security — some of which, he says, would include a wall or barrier system with steel slats.

According to a report from The Hill in early 2018, the Pentagon estimated $45 billion would be spent to fund military action in Afghanistan over the course of a year. That funding would go to support American forces in Afghanistan ($13 billion), Afghan forces ($5 billion), $780 million for humanitarian and economic aid and the balance would be applied to logistics.

Broken down, that amounts to just over $865 million each week, or $5.19 billion in six weeks.

As Democrats rebuff his attempts to include border security and wall funding in negotiations to reopen the government, the president has said on a number of occasions that he would consider declaring a state of emergency with regard to securing that funding.

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