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Put It In Perspective: 6 Weeks of Costs for Military in the Afghan War Would Fund The Entire Border Wall

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Just six weeks of the ongoing war in Afghanistan could cover the entire cost of the wall proposed by President Donald Trump.

From Daily Caller:

The president has asked Congress for $5.7 billion to fund border security — some of which, he says, would include a wall or barrier system with steel slats.

According to a report from The Hill in early 2018, the Pentagon estimated $45 billion would be spent to fund military action in Afghanistan over the course of a year. That funding would go to support American forces in Afghanistan ($13 billion), Afghan forces ($5 billion), $780 million for humanitarian and economic aid and the balance would be applied to logistics.

Broken down, that amounts to just over $865 million each week, or $5.19 billion in six weeks.

As Democrats rebuff his attempts to include border security and wall funding in negotiations to reopen the government, the president has said on a number of occasions that he would consider declaring a state of emergency with regard to securing that funding.


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