Jim Acosta Takes Another Stab At Trump, ‘No Fence Here. No Crisis. Just Shuffleboard’ – But One Local Crushes Jim With OVERWHELMING Facts

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CNN reporter Jim Acosta painted a peaceful picture of the border with Mexico in a Twitter video last week, but a local resident’s response showed just how wrong the White House correspondent actually was.

Acosta’s video showed a portion of the border with no barrier, making the two countries separated only by the Rio Grande.

“Found a beautiful spot on the Rio Grande where there is no wall. No fence. Just the river. Oh and there’s shuffleboard,” Acosta wrote in the Twitter post.

Obviously, the video was meant to show that a wall is not necessary.

We are meant to believe that the unprotected areas of the border are peaceful parks.

Heck, there are even shuffleboard courts.

But a local resident explained that the area is heavily secured by border agents.

“I’m an expert on the area. Let me tell you why there’s no fence,” the anonymous Twitter user tweeted.

The Twitter user started off by pointing out that “there is nothing on the Mexican side,” which would make it difficult to hide from the Border Patrol.

Additionally, the deep river poses a logistical obstacle to illegal crossings.

The Twitter user went on to pinpoint several areas where border agents are stationed.

The agents also monitor and live in many of the nearby areas.

Acosta was just a short walk from the boat ramp and vantage point often used by Customs and Border Patrol, according to the local resident.

So, while Acosta was trying to make President Donald Trump and his push for a border wall look foolish, he was actually doing the opposite.

As this resident’s tweets showed, Acosta inadvertently proved that border security actually works.

And obviously, not all areas of the border can be as heavily monitored by border agents, which is why the wall is so important.

Acosta should have done a little bit more research before pushing CNN’s anti-wall agenda.

Via WesternJournal

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