Radio Host Lashes Out At New ‘Masculinity’ Guidelines: APA Labels Virtually Every Trait Of Manhood As A Disease

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Radio show host Tammy Bruce called the American Psychological Association’s new guidelines on traditional masculinity “dangerous” and bigoted on “Fox & Friends” on Thursday.

“This is what’s so dangerous about this report. It’s political theory. It has nothing to do with science and it’s also bigotry, right? There’s a suggestion that masculinity, and that would mean all men because you’re dealing with the issue of testosterone, the nature of what it is to be male, are prone to violence or homophobia or sexual violence or sexual harassment,” Bruce said.

“Women involve those things as well (sic). Women can be violent. Women do sexual harassment,” she continued. “It’s a remarkable pathology that they’re using for, these are guidelines to all other psychologists saying that when you treat men and boys, you should presume that they’re suffering from an illness.”

The APA report outlining the new guidelines was internally released back in August but was made public this week. It was referred to as its “first-ever guidelines for practice with men and boys.”

The group claimed the promotion of “traditional masculinity” can lead to increased homophobia, bullying and sexual harassment.

Bruce added that society has benefited from men’s courage and claimed we’d still be living in caves if it weren’t for their high testosterone and ambitious thinking.

“Let me tell you the things that they’re complaining about, if we didn’t have men’s courage and aggressiveness and focus and determination, we would be living in caves right now,” she went on. “So, you have the modern world is the result of the male framework of wanting to move forward and create things.”

“And it is, I think, obscene, and everyone should complain that those attributes of men are being determined to be negative and something that is either a sickness or a mental illness or wrong or even artificial. This is the liberal, political ideology of arguing about gender fluidity and we can have that argument but it’s not a zero-sum game. You don’t, in order to liberate men who don’t fit within, let’s say, a cultural norm, you don’t need to obliterate every other man in that process,” Bruce concluded.

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