China Boasts Of ‘Renowned’ Air-Superiority With New Cutting-Edge Jet – Turns Out America’s Top Fighter From 1970 Could Blow It To Pieces!

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China’s impressive new J-20 stealth fighter is meant to seize air superiority, but it’s nothing compared to America’s F-15, which was built in the 1970s.

China’s state-owned aircraft maker claims that its new fighter is “renowned” for its medium and long range air combat.

With their new stealth fighter, China hope to seize air superiority from the United States.

“Major operational missions include: seizing & maintaining air superiority, medium & long range fast interception, escort and deep strike,” the Aviation Industry Corporation of China claimed in a brochure.

But China is being overly boastful about the J-20 because the United States will still maintain air superiority.

Justin Bronk, an aerial-combat expert at the Royal United Services Institute, told Business Insider about the fate of China’s new stealth fighter.

“In terms of thrust to weight, maneuverability, and high-altitude performance, it is unlikely to match up to the US or European air-superiority fighters,” Bronk said.

That’s not a good sign for China. After all these years, China still can’t create a stealth fighter that’s at least equal to those created in the West.

This is especially humiliating for China because there is no telling how much of China’s technology has been stolen from the United States.

Bronk explained that China’s J-20 is “worse” than America’s F-15, which was created in the 1970s.

“Against the F-15C and Typhoon, the J-20 has a lower radar cross section but worse performance, and its air-to-air missiles are unlikely to yet match the latest US series and certainly not the new European Meteor,” Bronk said.

In other words, China’s new stealth fighter performs worse than American technology created nearly 50 years ago.

And America’s most up-to-date stealth fighter, the F-22, completely outclasses China’s J-20.

“The F-22 likely significantly outperforms the J-20 in almost every aspect of combat capability except for combat radius,” Bronk explained.

But at least China can take solace in the fact that its J-20 is more powerful than other fighters developed in China.

Bronk said the J-20 is “certainly likely to be more capable as an air-superiority platform than anything else the People’s Liberation Army Air Force is operating.”

Still, China’s stealth fighter will be easily taken care of by American and European fighters.

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