Democrats Show Their Hand: They Have NOTHING On Trump, So Now They Plan To Attack His Family

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According to Democratic House Intelligence Committee member Rep. Jackie Speier (CA), the House Democrats are going to use their newly-acquired power to begin targeting President Trump and his inner circle, starting with Donald Trump Jr.

During a panel discussion at the Woman’s National Democratic Club Tuesday night, Rep. Speier revealed who the first target of the intelligence committee’s investigation would be: Donald Trump Jr., the Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedardreports.

“There are a number of persons that testified before the committee that I feel were not telling the truth,” she said. Among them is Trump’s son who spoke to the GOP majority intelligence committee about his much-reported meeting in Trump Tower with the Russia-connecting lawyer during the 2016 campaign.

Trump Jr. denied any “collusion” allegations and dismissed the media as a run of the mill oppo-research-type attempt to get some dirt on Hillary Clinton that turned out to be a waste of time. Trump Jr. spoke with the Republican-led committee privately on December 6, 2017. White House senior adviser and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner met with the committee a few months earlier, in July 2017. The committee wrapped up its collusion investigation, finding no evidence of it, but Speier told CNN that the Democrats are committed to cranking it back up.

“Those documents were never subpoenaed by the Republicans and so they were able to just produce a whitewashed report that probably was written by someone on the presidential staff,” said Speier, Bedard reports. “I think it was truly a disturbing series of events over the last two years.”

She went on to predict that the Democrats would be able to prove the ever-elusive Trump campaign “collusion” with Russia. “I think in short order we’re going to see all of the dots connected in a way that shows that there were people that were treasonous, there were people that were clearly conspiring to affect the election with the Russians, and it will go down in history as one of the real black eyes in our country,” she said.

Speier has brought up the plan to go after Trump’s son in the past, including on CNNin early December, when she said that Democrats would subpoena Trump Jr. as well as Kushner once they took power if the two men didn’t agree to meet.

“We will certainly subpoena their records,” Speier told CNN’s “Right Now.” “I think they will be subpoenaed if they don’t come voluntarily. We will try to make as many hearings as possible public.”

“Rep. Adam Schiff, the likely incoming chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in October that he wants to bring in witnesses and pursue records regarding Russian money laundering and Trump’s businesses,” CNN noted at the time.

“We want to hear from I think a number of people that we have already interviewed,” Speier said. “All of the phone bills and phone calls made and all of the direct messages and the emails that were never subpoenaed need to be subpoenaed for the primary persons that were part of the Trump orbit and campaign.”

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