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Cher Goes Full Crazy, Says She Can’t Wait For Trump’s Whole Cabinet of ‘White Men’ To Go To Jail – WTF?!

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Far-left pop icon Cher exploded in a rant against President Donald Trump’s cabinet members, saying that she can’t wait until “they all go to jail.”

From Breitbart:

“Trump’s new Cabinet Are The Dregs of The Dregs Of The SWAMP,” Cher said. “They Are Ass [kissers] Who Know Nothing About Gov, Or Their Jobs‼️”

“These White Men Sat Around a Table,& Stared Breathlessly at trump like he was going To Donate a Kidney To One Of Them. I CANT WAIT TILL THEY ALL GO 2 JAIL”

Among the “white men” in Trump’s cabinet (takes notes, Cher) are an Asian woman, at least four white women, a black man, and a son of Cuban immigrants.
Cher’s comments came after President Trump called a White House cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

Like many of her fellow Hollywood stars, Cher routinely attacks the president. Last month, she called Trump a “liar, thug, crook, traitor” and accused him of ruining America.

“He & His Family Are So In Bed With Russia……Putin Puts Mints On Their Pillows,” the 72-year-old said.

In another unhinged social media post from November, she said that the president was a “LIAR, WHITE NATIONALIST, RACIST,TRAITOR,WHO’D HAVE PHOTO OP WITH HITLER,IF HE THOUGHT IT WOULD RALLY HIS BASE.”


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