Thanks To Democrats An Illegal Alien Was ALLOWED To Become A Major Heroin Drug Lord AND Receive Food Stamps!

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A drug bust in the early hours of the morning nabbed a top leader of a heroin drug trafficking group in Polk County, Florida recently. While it didn’t surprise many that the ringleader who was arrested is an illegal immigrant, what was surprising was that he had been receiving almost $900 a month in government issued food stamps.

“It get’s better,” said Polk County, Florida Sheriff Grady Judd. “He’s from the Dominican Republic. He’s not a citizen of the United States.”

Judd that he supports putting the captured ringleader away in prison for a very long time, and then to “deport him.”

Is it any wonder that this sheriff supports new policies which would mandate drug testing for those who are recipients of food stamps? This story stands in stark contrast to the narrative that many democrats and left-leaning politicians and groups are putting forward.

People on the left say that increasing the requirements for those who receive food stamps and other welfare is an inhumane and flawed practice that will leave thousands more people homeless and hungry.

But these politicians are far removed from the reality of the situation, as is clearly visible in this recent drug-bust story.

Not only was the captured ringleader on food stamps along with several of his cronies, but four of the women involved in the heroin group collected WIC payments as well.

That’s a lot of taxpayer money that is going to fund illegal and dangerous drug trafficking in the United States.

Now, it’s impossible to go so far as to say that every illegal immigrant is a drug trafficker who is trying to parasitically live off the U.S. However, it’s not at all impossible to say that taxpayers should be able to put in place barriers to moochers and drug addicts when it comes to welfare.

Let this story stand as yet another reason for welfare reform. We truly need it.


Via LifeInfo24

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