Kellyanne Conway Puts Nancy Pelosi Through The Ringer For Her Swanky Hawaii Vacation

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White House adviser Kellyanne Conway took aim at Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) Sunday, blasting the soon-to-be Speaker of the House for abrogating her duty to work with the White House to end a partial government shutdown, and instead spending time relaxing at a pricey hotel on Hawaii’s big island.

“Nancy Pelosi needs to come back from Hawaii. Less hula, more moola for the [the Department of Homeland Security] and Customs and Border Patrol, funding our border security,” Conway said on Fox News Sunday, according to the New York Post.

“They need to come to the table and do their job. A fully functioning democracy demands that both parties come together and that the Congress and the executive branch work together,” Conway continued.

Pelosi has reportedly been holed up at the tony Fairmont Orchid Hotel in Kona, on Hawaii’s big island, where room rates can run from around $500 to a staggering $5,000 per night — and Nancy Pelosi is not hurting for wealth, so it’s unlikely she’s been slumming it in the $500-per-night one bedroom suites.

The Washington Free Beacon, which broke the news about Nancy’s mid-winter break, adds that guests of the Fairmont Orchid Hotel are treated to a “golf course, six restaurants, and a 10,000-square-foot oceanfront pool.” The resort “also features a ‘Spa Without Walls,’ where the 110-minute Ali’i Royal Experience is available for $369 and a 50-minute couples massage runs $549, according to the spa menu. While at the spa, guests can snack on a gluten-free grilled prawn summer roll for $19.”

President Donald Trump, meanwhile, canceled his own annual holiday retreat to his Mar-a-Lago golf resort in southeast Florida.

Pelosi’s office refused late last week to comment on the presumptive Speaker of the House’s whereabouts, according to the Washington Examiner. When contacted about the vacation, an aide told reporters from the Examiner only that she was “not allowed to talk about that,” and referred further questions to Pelosi’s Chief of Staff Drew Hammill, “who did not respond.”

When contacted by the New York Post to respond to Conway’s comments, Pelosi’s office was slightly more forthcoming. Without confirming reports that Pelosi had been on a five star Hawaiian vacation for much of the Congressional recess, Hamill noted that “[Pelosi] has been in her hometown of San Francisco since Saturday and will be in Washington on Monday and Tuesday.”

President Donald Trump tweeted an open invitation Monday morning to Congressional leaders in town to visit him in the Oval Office.

“I am in the White House waiting for the Democrats to come on over and make a deal on Border Security,” he posted to social media early Monday morning. “From what I hear, they are spending so much time on Presidential Harassment that they have little time left for things like stopping crime and our military!”

It is not clear whether any Democrats intend to take the president up on his offer.

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