Gun Bills Push Forward On Ensuring Teachers Can Keep Student’s Safe – The Left Won’t Like This!

Leftists are a curiously obnoxious bunch.

Few issues bring out the worst in them more than gun laws and Second Amendment conversations. An already disagreeable and hypocritical group, anything involving guns seems to push them even further toward the fringes of lunacy.

Already unbearable Hollywood elites somehow get even stuffier when discussing gun control. Once-respected publications become sniveling leftist rags when pushing for gun control. Leftists will even go so far as to attack a baby photo if they feel that it’s somehow not demonizing gun culture enough.

I shudder to imagine what leftists will screech about once they catch wind of some early gun bills in Montana.

As the Great Falls Tribune reported, numerous Republicans are considering legislation that would push to arm trained teachers in a school. The benefits would be immediately obvious.

“Montana is home to more than 60 one-room schools, the most of any state. One, the single-room Hi-Line elementary school in Galata, relies on Shelby’s police department for protection, but Shelby is 23 miles away,” the Tribune noted.

If leftists are really as passionate about keeping children safe as they claim to be, this one seems like a no-brainer. Twenty-three miles is not a short distance, and it’s abjectly terrifying to think of the damage a bad person could do before a cop can make that trek.

“I really see it as a benefit for our rural schools to have some kind of protection for students,” Republican state Rep. Casey Knudsen told the Tribune. “That way they wouldn’t have to rely on cops that would take a half an hour or longer to reach the school.”

That’s sound logic and a big reason why Knudsen claimed to be supportive of any legislation that would introduce potentially arming teachers in schools.

Republican state Rep. Seth Berglee is working on introducing such a bill. Berglee, an Army marksmanship instructor, seems eminently qualified to push such legislation.

Berglee’s bill would require that school officials who wish to be armed would require training “equal to or greater than” what a police officer would have to go through.

“If it is a legitimate threat, then I think arming school officials has to part of the conversation,” Berglee explained.

Berglee had introduced a similar bill in 2017, but that one failed because it didn’t specifically denote how schools would determine which officials would qualify to be armed.

“In this next bill draft, I’ll have to alleviate that,” Berglee said. “I’m trying to find language in the bill that meets a training requirement that people can equate with proficiency. I’m saying if you’re proficient and safe, then you meet the requirement to carry.”

Republican state Rep. Daniel Zolnikov is also working on a bill to expand gun rights. His bill focuses on allowing Montanans with concealed weapon permits to travel freely between counties without having to renew those permits, as they currently have to do. The current law requires them to notify any new county they move to.

“Nobody knows about it, nobody does it and it’s the whole state of Montana,” Zolnikov said. “So, is that even necessary? There’s no one enforcing it, so why is that a law?”

Unfortunately for many of these early gun bills, there is a massive roadblock in their paths. Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock is widely expected to veto most bills that would expand gun rights, the Tribune said.

Despite that, good for these Republicans who have the gumption to stand up in the face of leftist bullying over gun ownership rights. Sure, the far left will shriek until their faces turn blue, but you can’t begin to make schools safer until you start crafting laws to expand gun rights.

Via WesternJournal

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