CNN Has A Complete Liberal Meltdown – Call For Soldiers Getting Hats Autographed By Trumped To Be PUNISHED

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In the days leading up to Christmas, Democrats, NeverTrumpers, and their media allies were busy slapping together think-pieces about how President Trump had ‘failed to visit the troops at Christmastime.’ He was, they claimed, a lazy, selfish, ego-maniacal monster who was too busy improperly ending wars to thank our boys in uniform. Then, as Dan told you yesterday, he popped up in Iraq. Suddenly, the narrative shifted.

Despite knowing full well how much time and planning goes into a military base visit, the media was sure Trump had been shamed into a last-minute course-correction. The new story was that he hadn’t planned to go at all. He was so roundly belittled that he felt he had to.

Take it from former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino. These things don’t come together overnight…

Also, where they had previously been attacking the President for not visiting the troops, suddenly they were attacking him for exploiting the military. The phrase “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” comes to mind. It was yet another example of the ridiculous knots into which TDS sufferers are willing to twist themselves, all in an effort to attack the man they hate.

Regardless of the drama back home, it was clear that the troops were excited to see the Commander in Chief:

It may have been a “Christmas moment,” but that only means there’s got to be a Grinch out there somewhere. In this case, high atop Mount Crumpet sat CNN, an organization desperate to portray the President’s trip – and the soldiers’ reaction to it – in a negative light. Why, some of those military personnel had MAGA hats, and *GASP* they asked for Trump’s signature!


CNN took to Twitter – multiple times – to inform everyone that some very serious rule breaking may have occurred here….

In fact, the network wonders if perhaps these scofflaws should be disciplined for their grotesque behavior.

For the record, there are dozens of high-profile former-military personnel on Twitter who are mocking the suggestion that this represents some terrible breach in protocol. The reasons are many but suffice it to say that asking a sitting President to sign an autograph won’t land anyone in hot water. It wasn’t a problem when Obama was signing things, and it’s not now.

Still, if this is a fight CNN wants to have, I’m all for it. The more they beat this drum the more they’ll end up exposing themselves as the petty, shameless, biased hacks that they are. If they want to die on the “troops had MAGA hats signed” hill, more power to them.

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