Judical Watch Launches Legal Battle To Uncover The Truth That OBAMA Shut Down Clinton Foundation Investigation

A major scandal, largely uninvestigated, is the Obama Justice Department’s protection of Hillary Clinton.

As per usual, Judicial Watch is taking the lead on this issue. They just filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Justice for all records of communications involving any investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) into the Clinton Foundation (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice (No. 1:18-cv-02536).

Judicial Watch sued after the agency failed to respond to our May 4, 2018, FOIA request for:

All records of communication, including but not limited to e-mails (whether sent or received on .gov or e-mail accounts), text messages, or instant chats, sent between officials in the offices of the FBI Director, Deputy Director and General Counsel on the one hand, and officials in the offices of the Attorney General, Deputy Attorney General and or Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General on the other hand, regarding the closure or possible closure of an investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

Remember that it was their FOIA lawsuit that led directly to the disclosure of the illicit Clinton email system in 2015.

Then in August 2016, a related Judicial Watch FOIA lawsuit broke open the email story and began making conflict of interest documents public, revealing Clinton’s shadowy pay-to-play schemes.

This lawsuit showed the sleazy details. For example, in April 2009 controversial Clinton Foundation official Doug Band pushed for a job for an associate. In the email, Band tells Hillary Clinton’s former aides at the State Department Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin that it is “important to take care of [Redacted]. Band is reassured by Abedin that “Personnel has been sending him options.” Band was co-founder of Teneo Strategy with Bill Clinton and a top official of the Clinton Foundation, including its Clinton Global Initiative.

Included in the documents we received as a result of the lawsuit was a 2009 email in which Band directs Abedin and Mills to put Lebanese-Nigerian billionaire and Clinton Foundation donor Gilbert Chagoury in touch with the State Department’s “substance person” on Lebanon. Band notes that Chagoury is “key guy there [Lebanon] and to us,” and insists that Abedin call Amb. Jeffrey Feltman to connect him to Chagoury.

Judicial Watch have since uncovered many other instances of seeming pay-to-play and favoritism for the Clinton Foundation at the Clinton State Department.

In January 2016, the FBI reportedly began investigating the Clinton Foundation, as it expanded from the email probe. In October 2016, FBI agents were told they did not have “enough evidence to move forward” with their investigation of the Foundation.

Earlier this year, a DOJ Inspector General report detailed evidence that the Obama DOJ sought to shut down the FBI investigation of Clinton Foundation:

McCabe [who was fired as deputy director of the FBI] told the OIG that on August 12, 2016, he received a telephone call from PADAG [Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General, likely Matthew Axelrod] regarding the FBI’s handling of the CF [Clinton Foundation] Investigation (the “PADAG call”). McCabe said that PADAG expressed concerns about FBI agents taking overt steps in the CF Investigation during the presidential campaign. According to McCabe, he pushed back, asking “are you telling me that I need to shut down a validly predicated investigation?” McCabe told us that the conversation was “very dramatic” and he never had a similar confrontation like the PADAG call with a high-level Department official in his entire FBI career.

Reportedly, senior DOJ officials refused FBI requests to issue subpoenas on Clinton Foundation issues in 2016.

In January 2018, information surfaced that the FBI reportedly launched a new investigation into potential Clinton Foundation pay-to-play, but there has been no indication it is proceeding.

In October 18, 2018, Representative Bob Goodlatte, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, announced the release of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s disciplinary file, which “reminds us how the Obama Justice Department sought to shut down the Clinton Foundation investigation during the 2016 presidential election.” [Emphasis added]

The record shows the Obama Justice Department suppressed a public corruption investigation. It’s time to stop shielding the Clintons and produce records on this miscarriage of justice.

Via Breitbart

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    ABC Fact Check takes a look at what Chinese people need to do to apply for a tourist visa and how this compares with Australia’s global competitors.

    The gain ownership of: James Packer says Australia does not accept online visa tasks from China, And that Chinese a lot more to apply in English. The decision: Mr Packer is fix. Australia does require Chinese people to complete visa job applications in English and on paper.

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    Fact Check asked the Department of Immigration and Border Protection about the visa application process for Chinese people and whether there were any plans to make it easier for them. Fact Check was told that the query was referenced as the office of the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Scott Morrison. The Minister’s office did not provide a reply.

    The application in other countriesOfficials from the United States, britain, people from france, Canada and New Zealand provided details of their visa strategies to Fact Check. None of these countries allows the forms to be designed in Chinese and most cannot be completed wholly online.

    A US State Department official told Fact Check that information about applying for a US visa is available in both English and Chinese on the website of the US embassy in Beijing. the shape is in English, But the state says that “There is a language translation tool out there for multiple languages, consisting of Chinese, That provides hover translations of the coating fields while completing the online form, The form really should be completed online, However the applicant may also have to attend the embassy or a visa office for a “Visa employment, the job interview can be conducted in Chinese. People who are under 14 or over 80 or have had a US visa before usually do not need to attend an interview. A non immigrant visa shows a fee of $US160 (encompassing $170).

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    Citizenship and Immigration Canada says that visa opportunities must be made in either English or French, Canada’s official languages. Any supporting documents also have to be translated into one languages. on the, Chinese people can get a visitor visa online. The fee for a truly visa is $C100 (within $97).

    A spokesman for the French consulate in australia tells Fact Check that a French visa application needs to be completed in French or English. An in person visa interview is needed, but it surely can be booked online. The visa payments 60 euro (near $88).

    another Zealand, Like modern australia, Has a visa form in Chinese and English, But requires it to be completed in English. The form is going lodged at one of four visa application centres in China, However an Immigration New Zealand spokesman tells Fact Check that the department is making use of a new system “Known as Immigration ONLINE which by 2015 will enable nearly all customers entitled to apply for visas online, this fee is 860 RMB (above $150).

    Mr Packer has previously used Singapore, boasting two casino resorts, As a key device to Australia for the Chinese tourism dollar. The applications need to be completed in English, Although presumably a local agent would be able to take the information from the applicant in Chinese.

    China’s visa project for AustraliansAs for China, It allows Australians these financing options visitor visas in English. practices can be prepared online, However it’s necessary to lodge them by post or in person at a China visa application service centre, found in Sydney, melbourne, brisbane, Perth along with Canberra.

    The verdictMr Packer is good. Australia does require Chinese people to complete visa features in English and on paper. Australia’s competitors for the tourism dollar impose similar principles, Particularly about the use of English. Some allow online guidelines.

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