CNN: ‘There’s No Evidence That Immigrants Were Throwing Rocks At Border’. This Video Proves Them DEAD WRONG!

During a report about border chaos, a CNN reporter claimed there was no evidence of projectiles being thrown at border patrol agents. The video of this report and claim found its way onto Reddit.

The trouble is, there is evidence. One form is found in video of the scene.

In another report, that same video shown by CNN was cut right before rock-throwing was clearly shown. The focus of their report was action taken by the U.S. government and what migrants would do next, despite the person interviewed, San Diego Union Tribune reporter Wendy Fry, stating she saw migrants throwing rocks.

And even though the Los Angeles Times is considered to be a left-leaning media outlet, even they reported on the rocks and projectiles being thrown at border agents. They even acknowledged it boldly, in their title: “Border Patrol agents pelted with rocks, bottles during standoff.”

Further, they reported that although fortunately no one was seriously injured, agents were hit with the rocks and projectiles. For some, it was hits taken to arms and legs.

One agent was actually hit in the head. The weapon was a “filled water bottle.”

Commenting on the attack, Border Patrol spokesman Agent Timothy Hamill told the Los Angeles Times of the situation that, “It was extremely unusual. It was dangerous, very dangerous.”

In the second CNN report and the Los Angeles Times report, it was noted that the border patrol responded with non-lethal force. So, despite rocks that could kill if they hit people in the head being thrown, agents did not respond in kind.

In her own report for The San Diego Union Times, Fry (with two other reporters) wrote that approximately 50 people had managed to break through a hole in the border fence. They began throwing rocks and “pulling at the structure.”

At multiple locations, border patrol agents had to deal with migrants attempting illegal entry. “During the altercations, migrants threw projectiles at Customs and Border Protection personnel and multiple agents were hit with rocks, federal officials said. Authorities also deployed pepper balls and tear gas canisters in an attempt to get people to disperse.”

Of note, in the Los Angeles Times report, it was again made clear that the migrant groups are mainly made up of males, but women and children were present: “(T)he crowd surged forward, yelling ‘Viva (Pancho) Villa.’ Among the throng of mostly young men were women and children.”

Other reports note that the women and children have been pushed to the front of the caravans, as if being used as human shields.

But none of the facts available to the public at large fit the narrative with which CNN appears to wish to gaslight America. Saying there is no evidence does not make it so.

Making the U.S. government and border patrol agents appear to be brutal savages attacking innocent asylum-seekers does not make it so, either. Reporting such a thing as news and fact when it clearly is not is not good journalism.

It is one more hit in what some believe is flailing credibility for “fake news” outlet CNN. And one more reason why some believe that “fake news” is the enemy of the American people.

Via WesternJournal

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