American’s Are FUMING After Jimmy Kimmel Uses 5th Graders To Politicize Thanksgiving And Mock Trump

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Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel hit a new low by using a group of fifth-graders to push his political agenda against President Donald Trump.

Kimmel invited the children, purportedly from Mar-a-Lago Country Day School in Palm Beach, Florida, to perform a Thanksgiving play with an anti-Trump twist on Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

After the narrator introduced “the first pilgrims” arriving on a “5-star cruise,” a young boy with a Trump wig walked on stage with a girl playing his wife, first lady Melania Trump.

“We’re gonna put the golf course right here, and the hotel right here. It’s going to be yuge,” the young Trump said.

“Whatever you say, Donald,” the young Melania said in an Eastern European accent.

The play began to make fun of Trump’s immigration policies after two young Native Americans showed up on the scene.

“Oh no, it’s the caravan of immigrants from South America,” the young Trump said, pointing to the Native Americans. “Watch out. They’re bad hombres.”

Later, the young Trump couple and the Native Americans gathered for a traditional feast, but Trump placed a wall in between them.

“It’s a wall of cornbread,” one Native American said.

“And you’re going to pay for it,” the young Trump responded.

However, they were still waiting on a turkey, which Trump’s sons were tasked with finding. Instead of bringing a turkey, they brought a dead elephant.

The day was saved when a giant bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken arrived.

“I’m finger-licking good, especially if you have teeny-tiny fingers,” the KFC bucket said.

In summary, the “play” was a five-minute long political ad against the president.

Of course, these kids didn’t know the intricacies of the policies they were mocking on stage. They were used by creepy adults to push an agenda.

I suppose it’s fitting that Kimmel used a group of children to convey a political message to his child-like adult audience, but that doesn’t take away from the despicable nature of it.

Via WesternJournal

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