Stormy Daniels’ Regret Should Stand As A Clear Warning For All Who Seek To Take Down Trump WITH FALSE ALLEGATIONS

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Adult film star Stormy Daniels appeared on an Oxford Union panel this week to debate the impact of pornography on our society.

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, gained widespread attention in the political realm over the past year after publicly detailing her alleged affair with President Donald Trump.

During a debate called “Sex, Guns and Other Fluff: How Porn Can Set You Free,” Daniels addressed the role her claims have had on her career.

According to Newsweek, she told the historic debating society that the resulting “s— show” has taken its toll on her ability to earn a living.

Telling the audience at Thursday’s event in the United Kingdom that her legal battle with the president has “completely destroyed” her adult film prospects, Daniels nevertheless vowed to continue in her chosen career path.

As the Oxford Union tweeted after the discussion, she noted that her profession is rare in that “women earn double that of the men.”

“I had no idea what I was getting into,” she said of her decision to bring her allegations about Trump to the public.

She called the resulting confusion a “circus” that has had a “huge impact” on her personally and “the rest of the world.”

Daniels acknowledged that she has been taking “an unofficial break” from her largely behind-the-scenes role in the industry as the political narrative plays out, but made it clear she plans to return.

“I’ll probably never leave the adult film industry,” she said.

Daniels said she looks forward to getting back to work, describing the process of producing an adult film as complex and rewarding.

“I write the script down, I do the budget, I do the shoot schedule, I pick out the wardrobe,” she explained.

Acknowledging the industry has its own issues, she said it has also helped educate people about important issues of sexuality.

Comparing porn to politics, she said the latter is “much dirtier” than her chosen field.

She went on to address the recent arrest or her attorney, Michael Avenatti, on suspicion of domestic violence.

After referencing the incident earlier the same day, Daniels reiterated her previous comment.

“If the allegations turn out to be true then I will definitely be seeking new representation,” she said.

At this point, Daniels said she is going to “reserve judgment” over what she said are currently “just allegations” against Avenatti.

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