Irony AND Karma? HAMAS Terrorists Play ‘Death To Israel’ On TV Loop – Then Get BLOWN TO BITS

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The media claims that Islamic terrorist propagandists like Hamas’ Al-Aqsa TV, Hezbollah’s Al-Manar and the Muslim Brotherhood’s Jamal Khashoggi are “journalists”.

Here’s how some of Hamas’ latest journalism wrapped up, courtesy of an investigation by Palestinian Media Watch.

About a half hour before Hamas’ TV station in the Gaza Strip was bombed by Israel, the station broadcast a music video repeatedly announcing: “Death to Israel.” The video shows footage from terror attacks and scenes from funerals and burials of Israeli terror victims. The words “DEATH TO ISRAEL” flash in Hebrew on the screen as the Arabic song focuses on that message:

Song: “Expel the thieving occupier from the enraged land of Jerusalem,
Rid your house of that one, that Zionist in his humiliation,
Write ‘death, death, death to Israel’ with flowing blood,
And with the bleeding body cause death, death, death to Israel”

Text on screen in Hebrew: “Death to Israel”

Hamas leader Nizar Rayan: “[Remember] Khaibar, Khaibar, O Jews. The soldiers of Muhammad have started to return.”

And they returned right back to Mohammed to claim 72 virgins made out of dried raisins in the lowest circle of hell where the damned spend all of eternity having to watch Hamas TV.

Via Frontpagemag

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