One Parkland Dad Is SICK Of David Hogg – Tears The Whiny Teen To Pieces Over His IGNORANT Tweet!

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Few things on this planet are more infuriating than a teenager who is utterly enamored with himself to the point that he believes he is infallible.

David Hogg fits that description to a tee.

The outspoken teenage activist has been a vocal critic of gun owners, Republicans and conservatives alike after rising to prominence following the February mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Despite being smacked down time and time again, Hogg has consistently risen from the ashes to offer terrible takes and gibberish.

Saturday was no different, when he essentially accused the President Donald Trump of being indifferent to the deaths of the shooting victims in Parkland.

“Crazy that Trump is talking more about Broward County now than when 17 people were shot and killed here,” Hogg posted on Twitter.

Trump has been blasting the ongoing voting controversy rocking Broward County in recent days, which as president he fully has a right to do. Leave it to a self-absorbed teenager to make the possible tampering of our democracy about himself and his anti-Second Amendment rhetoric.

But as is often the case, Hogg was promptly smacked down, this time by the father of one of the victims of the Stoneman Douglas shooting.

Andrew Pollack’s daughter, Meadow, died in the February killing, and Pollack had no time for Hogg’s statement.

“This is just a flat out lie,” Pollack wrote on Twitter. “(Donald Trump), (Eric Trump), (Ivanka Trump) and the entire family have been incredibly supportive of my family and they understand we need to #FixIt.”

Pollack didn’t just stop there. He tore into the Democratic Party for its unsavory antics.

“Radical, unethical, sleaze ball Democrats are ruining Florida and this country quite frankly,” Pollack added.

Look, nobody is denying that the Parkland shooting was a tragic and horrific event in this nation’s history.

But Hogg’s shameless weaponizing of the tragedy passed the bounds of decency long ago. He is almost doing a disservice to the memories of the lives lost on that day for his personal and political gain.

Or, at least his attempts at personal and political gain. One could easily argue that he has exposed himself to a degree of ridicule that is actively harming his image more than it is helping — and that’s doing no good for the gun control cause he is speaking for.

Pollack has had enough of Hogg’s lies. Hopefully, the country will soon, too.

Via WesternJournal

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