Comedian ‘Pays Tribute’ To Jim Acosta With A HILARIOUS Video – R.I.P. Jerk!

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The CNN reporter’s calendar is probably going to be a lot lighter this week. In case you hadn’t heard, after a bit of a kerfuffle at a Wednesday presser, Acosta’s press pass has been pulled “until further notice.”

This has sent the national media into a tizzy, calling this unprecedented and an assault on the free press. They don’t seem to remember the fact that Acosta has acted like this over and over again.

Wednesday’s display wasn’t just a one-off; Acosta is a reporter who requires adult supervision at all times, lest whatever press briefing he’s a part of stops being about the person giving the briefing and starts being “The Jim Acosta Show, Live from 1600 Pennsylvania.”

Well, if you didn’t remember, Steven Crowder did. The CRTV comedian put together a delightful montage of some of Acosta’s best moments inside the press room.

Take a look:

Among the incidents covered were obviously Wednesday’s altercation with an intern, but there were plenty of other greatest hits to be packed into just 17 seconds.

For instance, there was that press conference where Acosta was yelling questions from the back even though the president couldn’t hear him, mostly so that he could get footage that looked like the president was ignoring him. Speaking truth to power, Jim!

There were also the obligatory shots of him mugging for the camera and trying to look as suave as possible. I will say this about Jim Acosta: At almost any moment of the day, he looks like a 48-year-old’s carefully curated Tinder picture. That, my friends, takes talent.

And then there was his great hot-mic line during the Trump-Kim summit in Singapore: “If they’re not going to let me in the f—ing meeting, then that’s what happens.”

Oh, and Creed’s “Eyes Wide Open” was a brilliant choice. There was only one way you could make this clip more ironically rebarbative, and that’s it.

Sadly, Jim Acosta will likely get his press pass back. Not that I’m a betting person, but that’s where my money is. We’ll end up getting more moments like this, if slightly more controlled. And that’s not a bad thing for the White House.

I don’t know how many of you are “Doonesbury” readers. I know it’s a liberal strip, but some of the earlier stuff is a guilty pleasure of mine. One of the bit characters in “Doonesbury” is Roland Burton Hedley III, a broad caricature of the kind of reporter who always has to be the center of the story and always manages to get it wrong. (An early strip has Hedley mistaking a lilac bush for a marijuana plant and expressing surprise that it had flowers.)

I’m sure Garry Trudeau would beg to differ and the mere mention of his character in this context probably sent him running for his blood pressure meds. However, the shoe fits. There are plenty of reasonable and difficult questions reporters should ask of the president. That’s not what Acosta does. Instead, he preens. He repeats talking points which don’t actually have questions attached to them. And he does this because his ego won’t allow him to behave otherwise. Hedley would be impressed.

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