PAMELA ANDERSON: Feminism Has Taken #MeToo Too Far

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Sometimes it’s nice to have your worldview echoed and confirmed from the most unlikely of places. Third-wave feminism is a disease. It’s less about equality, more about punishing men for the sin of being men, in efforts to prop up whiny women who cannot stand on their own. Here to also raise her hand against third-wave feminism is Pamela Anderson. Yes, that Pamela Anderson.

Third-wave feminism, as far as I’m concerned, is just women bitching about men in the public sphere. It used to be women would gather together at book club and kibitz about the various idiosyncrasies of the men in their life. Using each other as sounding boards for solutions or just commiseration. What was said at book club stayed at book club. Further, in general, the women at book clubs loved the men in their lives. They just needed girl time.

Yes you guys, women have complaints about men. Hide your shock.

Now book club is Huffington Post. Jezebel. Tess Holliday. Now book club bleeds out of Lena Dunham. Now feminism isn’t about ladies kibitzing, it’s about women strategizing ways to shame and bully men into cowardly submission, with threats of sexual harassment, false rape charges, and emasculating jokes.

It’s gone too far and it needs to stop. It’ll take women like Pamela Anderson to point it out without apologizing for it, to move the feminism needle far away from innocent men and unborn babies.

Via LouderWithCrowder

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