‘WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!’ – Jake Tapper Accepts The Facts, SLAMS DNC Chair’s ‘Ignorant Spin’ On Latest Economic Reports

Kudos to Jake Tapper for telling the truth! DNC Chair and former Labor Secretary Tom Perez can’t explain how the economy was better with Obama…The reason why is that IT WASN’T BETTER WITH OBAMA! The Democrats count on Americans to be ignorant of the facts so that they can fill brains with their propaganda. It’s hard to believe that anyone who lived through 8 years of Obama would believe anything Tom Perez has to say. The guy is a former La Raza radical Dem who had zero business being labor secretary. He proves it below:


Fox Business’ Stuart Varney lists all of the things President Trump has done to restart the economy. Varney claims President Trump has had great success and should “take a bow”. We have to say that a pro-growth president is the way to go! A report on consumer confidence (see below) just came out and it’s looking like things are only going to get better.

“He’s running the country like he’s running a business, and it’s working.”

It’s looking like this Holiday season will be a winner! Consumer confidence rose again in October to the highest in 18 years!

Jim Jordan tweeted out support for the president’s job on the economy:

It’s the highest level since Fall of 2000! This says that Americans feel good about the financial future and that means the shopping for the Holidays will be blockbuster making 4th Quarter earnings higher. Steve Odland of The Conference Board discussed the good news for ALL Americans:

According to the Conference Board:

The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index® increased again in October, following a modest improvement in September. The Index now stands at 137.9 (1985=100), up from 135.3 in September. The Present Situation Index – based on consumers’ assessment of current business and labor market conditions – improved from 169.4 to 172.8. The Expectations Index – based on consumers’ short-term outlook for income, business and labor market conditions – increased from 112.5 last month to 114.6 this month.

This means consumers see growth into 2019 with a strong finish in the 4Q.

Bloomburg reports:

“Consumers’ assessment of present-day conditions remains quite positive, primarily due to strong employment growth,” Lynn Franco, director of economic indicators at the Conference Board, said in a statement.

The solid job market is helping consumer confidence. This bodes well for the midterm elections coming up.

Great news for Republicans and President Trump! The message should be out there that our economy is roaring!

Stephen Moore spoke about the roaring economy and his new book with Art Laffer called “Trumponomics’

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