You Can’t Make This Up! MSNBC SHOCKED To Discover Hispanics AGAINST Illegal Aliens And IN SUPPORT Of Trump!

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Who knew that Hispanics could be Republicans? Well, everyone, except for a few reporters at MSNBC. With less than a week before the 2018 elections, the news organization sent a crew down to the Texas 7th congressional district, which Democrats think they can flip this year. The district has a high Latino population, but as Mariana Atencio found out, that doesn’t mean a guaranteed Democratic win. In fact, MSNBC found Hispanic voters who support Republicans and legal immigration. It’s quite simple: if you want to come here, you have to go through the proper channels. It’s not racist. It’s not illogical. It’s common sense. Oh, and it happens to be the law.

The network interviewed Rob Gutierrez, who straight up said that when he sees images of the illegal alien horde heading for the border, it makes him want to vote Republican. Hispanic voters have been quite mellow this cycle, despite the overhyped media rhetoric concerning President Trump’s immigration agenda, most of which is not extreme at all. A great many are unenthused to vote, and those who seem to be willing to pull the lever for the GOP.

Via TownHall

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