NEW LOW: Progressives Offering Their Bodies To ‘Entice’ Voters

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It so confusing keeping up with the left these days. They insist that gender is fluid, a social construct that can be altered at every whim, and they will call you a sexist at the drop of a hat, yet in the same breath, they will exploit a woman’s body to get you to cast a ballot.

In fact, liberals have gone so far as to tease potential voters with vagina shots to pull off the feat — well, make that 9 vagina shots and one uncertainty.

A group of 10 Democrat-supporting Vermont women of all shapes and sizes took part in a get-out-the-vote stunt by stripping down to their birthday suits and strategically placing ballots in front of their genitalia, while a digital slogan covers their breasts.

The empowering campaign, dubbed “Grab Them by the Ballot,” was organized by Harvard Law-educated attorney Dawn Robertson, who writes about sexuality and relationships, Seven Days reported.

“How can we inspire women to vote after the Kavanaugh confirmation, the #MeToo movement and Trump?” Robertson said. “It’s a culmination of all those factors.”

This being the same camp that complains to this day about President Trump talking about grabbing women by the p*ssy in 2005 during locker room banter with Access Hollywood host Billy Bush.

Naturally, the “inclusive” liberals had a man who identifies as a woman in the shoot to avoid the aforementioned charge of exploiting women’s bodies.

A 28-year-old trans woman who asked to be identified only by the initial “Z,” told the news source that he/she agreed to participate in part to protest Trump.

“I want to bring awareness to the existence of trans people and the variety in our bodies,” Z said. “To show I exist, this is me, I’m here, I’m a woman, I’m transgender. With everything that’s going on, I just think it’s really important to be visible.”

The big question is, will naked bodies — did we mention ALL shapes and sizes, to include a pregnant woman, are on display? — motivate liberal women to vote?

The jury appears to be out on that one based on the responses from social media.

Here’s a sampling from Twitter:


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