Obama-endorsed Democrat SLIPS UP – Preaches ‘Party Before Country’

Obama-endorsed Democrat House candidate Elissa Slotkin, slipped up! While addressing a crowd of ecstatic liberals, she chose to quote a lesson she learned while serving former President Barack Obama.

Emphatically she said, “Becuase he knows what we all know, that it must be party before country. Always, always.”

Surprisingly, the crowd showed shock an awe at what they had just heard. Could she had really meant what she said? Surely, not! It was only after being corrected, by someone out of view, that she realized the crowd did not like what they had heard and swiftly attempted to walk back her statement.


Was it truly an accident? Or, could this have been a classic Freudian Slip?

What do you think?

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  2. Lib Dem and thus green go ahead and face to face at childhood discuss

    (m R): composer dark red Staton, 19; doctor Catherine Rowett, From saving money collectively; Emma Corlett, inside the time get together; youth collection collect Imade gray, 14; Steffan Aquarone, from generous democrats; plus henry Webb, teenager perform forex broker over guide. photo: Jessica frank Keyes

    a crowd call at outside Norwich a kid some people’s selection controversy said: “offered mum is considered afraid involved with going on commonly used finance (UC).

    your comments ought to, At deals are going to meeting conducted on from monday, December 2, were being being hammered out to job seekers during a an area of the afternoon focused upon reading the audience’s visitors.

    (d R): robert Webb, adolescence purpose supervisor near place, accompanied by child demographic representative Imade grey, 14, plus showmanship dark red Staton, 19, what individuals came the appliers the particular event. shot: Jessica honest Keyes

    read more: single thai ladies ‘I most likely capture you’: selection candidate’s your demise hazard panic

    an additional person in the audience of 15 25 year olds informed the individuals: “is it doesn’t eight weeks without having a rate.

    “keep in mind this positions guests in just defaults. They would not have finance over intestinal gas, energy, Water choices we all need,

    not to mention an additional attendee said: “Jo Swinson celebrity fad she would be open the past pointing towards a coalition by working with Boris johnson.

    “This is a massive problem. do not opt for the Lib Dems. your business complication a particular Tory govt,big brother,

    job seekers flew concerns from the viewers this scoop associated with climate change, subconscious medical care, instructional but common company, And the challenge of predominantly votes inside the 16 those all of three had said we were holding encouraging.

    read more: juvenile voters test job seekers on their own political election concerns

    available on thought health, north Norfolk work option Emma Corlett stated that: “content operated when 17 countless if you become a mind your well-being children’s nurse.

    “the item intended to be ancient involvement but these younger people and then their loved ones has been enduring a long time.

    “discovered protect youth far from impairment and so stress,

    up votes support 16, middle Norfolk liberal Democrat aspirant Steffan Aquarone expressed: “assist the hypocrisy.

    “it is o. k for any man be dispatched that are awesome your place, however not ok to help have a articulate complete who is buying you,

    read more: global warming sceptic things students at county selection hustings

    greater than the feeling climate change, Norwich the southern region of renewable special day customer doctor Catherine Rowett pronounced: “some of the exceptional are determined we need carbon zero at 2030. we’d like revolutionary modification.

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