Democrats Pushed Him To It, Now Kanye West Is Taking ‘Blexit’ Full-throttle!

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Of all the political movements that have come and gone, two stand out and appear to be growing in size. These two movements, The #Blexit, and the #WalkAway movement are taking the nation by storm. Many ex-liberals are starting to see the Democratic Party for what it is. They see it as we do, a joke.

Late last week, Trump held a meeting for all the young black leaders. These leaders, such as Kanye West, and Candace Owens, are leading the young black community in a different direction. However, everyone didn’t see this as a positive move for the black community.

“Reverand” Al Sharpton criticized the meeting as “unproductive” and harmful for the community. Why would he speak truthfully about a movement that is taking all the Dems voters? You read that right. For the first time in history, black Americans are starting to see the Democrat Party as being shrouded in darkness.

For years, the Democrats have been falling in a dark abyss that has a point of no return. These young Americans have had enough. What is the Democratic Party doing for the black community except keeping their votes? Nothing at all. Americans voted for Donald Trump because they wanted change.

Upon the recruitment of Kanye West into the Republican party, black Americans have seen that the grass is truly greener on the other side. This is when the #Blexit Movement was born.

Thousands of black Americans have left the Democrats hanging. Reports predict that thousands more will leave the Democrats by 2020. They have seen that the Dems preach a good game. It all sounds good. However, when it is time to put up, the Dems buckle under pressure and give excuses as to why they couldn’t perform.

One by one, Trump he has kept his campaign promises. That is why people are leaving the left. That and the fact that they have accused so many people of things that they couldn’t prove. From Justice Clarance Thomas all the way to Justice Kavanaugh, the Dems have tried to lie to regain power. People are sick of the smear campaigns and lies.

That’s is the same reason the #WalkAway movement has sprung into action. Despite social media trying to ban these movements, they see their way through.

There are even reports saying that the Dems are losing Hispanic voters as well. Who can the Dems blame but themselves? There is no one left to fall back on. There is no one left to blame.

I expect we will see the fruits of our labor in a few weeks during the midterms. The Dems keep screaming about a “blue wave.” Yet, all I see is red!

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