WATCH: White Liberal Sheep Reveal Just How RACIST And Out-Of-Touch The Democrat Hive Mind Is

It’s no secret that liberals and leftists have long made up their minds that President Donald Trump is a flaming racist.

It’s also no secret that the far left like to consider themselves the bastions of tolerance and enlightened thinking.

Unfortunately for that anti-Trump crowd, a video posted online debunks much of their rhetoric in stunning fashion.

Mr. Adrian Norman, who has contributed to the Western Journal, posted the damning video Sunday.

In the video, an interviewer asks “white liberals” about why various voter identification requirements are prejudiced against minorities. Many on the left often construe any form of trying to prevent voter fraud as voter suppression, for some asinine reason.

The answers the interviewer received were jarring, to say the least.

“Do you think (voter ID laws) suppress the African-American vote?” the interviewer asks a young man.

“Definitely,” the young man responds. When asked why, he basically admitted that he thinks that minority voters don’t have state ID’s. So is the young man basically claiming that minorities tend to be in the country illegally? That seems awfully racist.

“These type of people don’t live in areas with easy access to DMV’s or other places where they can get identification,” another young man claims in the video. What exactly does he mean “these type of people”? Jokes aside, this young man seems to be implying minorities only live in poor areas.

Perhaps one of the more damning quotes came from a young woman.

“Do you think that’s harder for black people to go online?” the interviewer asks.

“Well, I feel like they don’t have the knowledge of how it works,” the young woman responds. It’s not abundantly clear if the young woman is talking about whether black people know how to obtain identification online or how to use the internet in general. Either way, it’s beyond condescending.

When the interviewer took the video segment to East Harlem to interview black people about the responses he’s gotten throughout his interviews, they were none too pleased with the way they were being characterized.

Every last black person whom the interviewer spoke to was able to produce a legal form of identification. They all seemed flabbergasted that people thought they didn’t.

“Why would they say we don’t have ID?” one black woman asked.

Another young black woman laughed out loud before saying, “That’s a lie. Why would they say that?”

When broached about some liberals’ claims that minorities don’t know how to find DMV’s or that there weren’t DMV’s in East Harlem, everyone knew there was a DMV. Some could even name the exact cross-streets.

All of this is hardly news to anyone who’s actually paid attention to the left’s twisted sense of “tolerance” and “enlightenment.”

Hopefully, it’ll be a true eye-opener for those who haven’t noticed what the left’s really about.

Via WesternJournal

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