Sen. McCaskill Is Sweating Bullets After Hannity Threatens To Release Video That Would ROCK D.C.

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October Surprise?

That’s the tease Sean Hannity is putting out there, revealing he has undercover video exposing Claire McCaskill and the Democrats twisted plot to take back Congress.

Hannity said what he’s got will “ROCK D.C.”

Tick tock!

Sean Hannity

A never-before seen undercover video featuring Sen. Claire McCaskill is set to rock the nation’s capital and reveal shocking new details about the desperate Democratic efforts to take back Congress this fall using ANY means necessary.

The explosive footage shows the prominent Senator’s staff revealing the legislator’s true motivation and political deception behind a handful of key issues in an attempt to court -and manipulate- moderate voters across the state.

“People just can’t know that,” said one insider.

“People just can’t know” the leading lawmaker and former President Barack Obama “essentially have the same views on everything,” said another.

Watch ‘Hannity’ live 9PM Monday night to see the stunning new video. Check back for updates.

Via TruthFeed

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