Trump Breaks With Tradition, SNUBS Senators Harris And Feinstein With 9th Circuit Court Nominees

One of the most underreported success stories of President Donald Trump’s tenure in office thus far has been the plethora of judicially conservative judges he has nominated and seen confirmed to fill vacancies on various U.S. circuit and district courts across the nation, as that has significantly shifted the judicial branch toward the right.

Fox News reported that Trump just nominated three more conservatives to fill vacancies on the liberal-dominated 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Long derided as the “Nutty Ninth,” the court oversees nine Western states, including California, and is one of the more influential courts in the country.

In naming those nominees, though, Trump broke with tradition and snubbed the two Democrat senators from California — Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris — which has them hopping mad.

As a traditional act of courtesy, presidents typically work closely with the senators of the home state of a judicial nominee, seeking their opinion and approval in what are known as “blue slips” that signal a senator’s support for the nominee. With regard to these three picks for the 9th Circuit, Trump bypassed that step and nominated them even as Feinstein and Harris had signaled their disapproval.

The decision to exclude Feinstein and Harris from the decision-making on the nominees who will reside on the court that oversees California likely came following the absolute debacle that was the confirmation process of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Feinstein was criticized for withholding a letter about a sexual assault allegation against Kavanaugh for months, and Harris was incredibly outspoken in her opposition to the nominee.

The Sacramento Bee reported that the White House initially attempted to negotiate with both Feinstein and Harris on the 9th Circuit’s vacancies, but those talks reached an impasse earlier during the summer and collapsed.

The three conservative nominees named by Trump are Southern California attorneys Daniel Collins and Kenneth Lee and Assistant U.S. Attorney Patrick Bumatay. All three are reported to be members of the conservative Federalist Society and have worked for Republican administrations. The three men are in their 40s and 50s, relatively young by lifetime judicial appointment standards, meaning they’ll sit on the influential court for decades if confirmed.

But Trump never sought a supportive “blue slip” from Feinstein or Harris for those three nominees, and both senators released statements that made their unhappiness with the situation abundantly clear.

Feinstein said in a statement, “Last night the White House moved forward without consulting me, picking controversial candidates from its initial list and another individual with no judicial experience who had not previously been suggested.”

Her complaint was echoed by Harris’ spokeswoman, Lily Adams, who said in a statement, “Instead of working with our office to identify consensus nominees for the 9th Circuit, the White House continues to try to pack the courts with partisan judges who will blindly support the President’s agenda, instead of acting as an independent check on this Administration.”

As if prior Democrat presidents haven’t attempted to “pack the courts with partisan judges” who will rule in favor of the leftist agenda — but that is another story.

Fox News noted that the snub of Feinstein and Harris coincided with another judicial success story for Trump that was achieved this week. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell reached a deal with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer that would see 15 more conservative jurists immediately confirmed to various vacant circuit and district court seats.

In exchange for the confirmation of those judges, McConnell would allow the Senate to go into recess until after the midterm elections, which in turn would release vulnerable Democrat senators facing tough re-election battles to finally hit the campaign trail. It had been rumored that Grassley and McConnell wanted to keep the Senate in session until some 49 outstanding nominations were voted on, a lengthy process that would have kept all senators tethered closely to Washington.

Presuming the three nominees Trump named for the 9th Circuit are confirmed, it won’t completely shift the liberal court to the conservative side. It would, however, close the partisan gap to 16 liberals and 13 conservatives, making that court far more ideologically balanced than it has been.

This move by Trump to make the liberal-dominated 9th Circuit Court more ideologically balanced is a rather significant win for him, and the fact that he was able to snub Feinstein and Harris in the process — a well-deserved snub, in light of their staunch obstructionist resistance — is simply some tasty icing on the cake.

Via WesternJournal

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    when i run 2.25 points a wide range of day also walk 3+ when I feel good. the marriage gifts am had I walk into and complete a body weight agenda impressed to r/also ifitness and some rudimentary do pot make reference to bell and deals are going to weight.

    the key improve mainly is definitely eating less/more healthy. I do the fasting event and I feel like facilitating. now i do not indulge during 8 9pm and as well as 12 midday morning. I tropical drink a mere water and / or coffee, coupled with salad lunchtime with a few berry commonplace. for dinner it’s one or two protein as greens. through experience i obtain a multivitamin more likely than not coffee required protein amounts dust in water looking for stand out.

    a lot of these ideas/ways to do possessions received developed based out whatever i been told by Rogan then again without a doubt so i am on a tight budget just because technician [url=]charmingdate review[/url] a social accompanied by kitchen table just that job are going to Rogan recognize to manufacture a podcast. in order i mean tend to be training to have influenced Rogan cost [url=][/url] programs workout/diet. I have forfeit 25 additional body fat when the bob Goggins podcast were released this accomplishment.

  7. PrincessDarling666 you

    this is super fun, But a great number of work! No advice on how to meet those kind of people now though sorry. It was just kind of happened because it was a bunch of us living in several collectives/co ops around town.

    Also since all the G stores started using compactors dumpster diving is not what it once was.

    great time for you,

    PrincessDarling666 30 points posted 9 months ago

    Sigh. Your aggravations have validity. I totally get how it could be extremely frustrating. You have to comprehend though, Men have way more muscle mass then women and they can kill us with their bare hands so we have to be really cautious. I know it’s hard take into account if you’re a man, But it is our reality onrr a daily basis. I would not want to go meet a total stranger in person until I had at least gotten a feel for them. Also online dating sites is not the only option! I didn’t meet my hubby online. I met him because he was a random friend of a friend and we were sitting near [url=]slavic ladies[/url] each other at the pool. Single girls are everywhere and they want to meet you just as much as you want to meet them.

  8. 21 eye-popping First Date Ideas

    108 Unique Date anti aging night Ideas

    While we were on the boat, He would tell me different things about the buildings and the neighborhoods we were passing by. Order a classic old school cocktail and get a little dressed up for the occasion. Sign up for a cooking class at to learn different cooking and baking skills, From a crash course in Thai food to significant skills class for making pasta from scratch. These 45 romantic date ideas for couples are very new and unique that make you happy memorable. I in the beginning found Dating Divas on Pinterest, And now I claim emails from y’all. All you need is a few hours to try out your new and creative date ideas. Take a Brewery Tour Learn something and get beer in the operation? Get out old photos or family films, And spending some time reminiscing.

    Cover the bed of the truck with pillows and coverlets, Fill a thermos laden with hot cider, And drive out to a dark spot to brows through the stars. Go for one last camp trip, Before the next thunderstorm turns too cold. The significant advantage of a dinner in the dark is that it puts you in that place where you get to talk to the person without actually looking at him, Which makes you less nervous will help you to be yourself. Third ly, You can always convert it into a coffee date or a dinner date if you really, love it. For a whole lot more tours, Visit this regarding.

    Alexandria was now named the, And many a romance has unfolded along [url=]chinese women[/url] our charming cobblestone streets and historic waterfront.. Here are 10 free activities to do on a date any night each week. I decided to look on your site to find some cute date ideas for our date night and i stumbled onto Sarina’s video idea for your hubby and I had so much fun making it and reflecting on our marriage! when you have create an Instagram worthy fort, With hanging fairy lights and awesome touches of decor. It’s okay to don’t make it hard the first time you go out with someone. Hurry the italian Hero is back for a limited time only! at only, Escape to an old world hacienda for upscale Mexican expertise, Or hang outside on the patio overlooking East Sixth Street at, known for its elevated Mexican cuisine. Watch a few of the chosen scary movies.

    40 Date Night Ideas for your finances

    Top the date off that one could Wisconsin style custard at local favorite. Pick things that were important to you while you two were dating. This is a fun activity for a longtime couple. work out how to drive like a pro at one of the events, Or race the track in the exotic car you want. Snag a seat at the new, A patio bar and restaurant designed to resemble a colorful Tokyo alley, Mixing Japanese inspired cocktails. See his birth home and pay your respects at the last resting place for Dr. also you can do this in your backyard.

    11 Fun Date Ideas in heathrow

    the senate is not, The drive might be as cool as the site? Andretti also features a full service bar and small business. Bowling do a fun activity where you can laugh a lot will show your date that you know how to enjoy. Get your heart beating faster out in nature when you explore the 7. Go without the children and look at the animals actually linger and observe rather than keeping an eye on wandering children. after you’re consistent about having date night together, You are reminding each other that your relationship is a priority it doesn’t matter what busy life gets. We have a great selection of that are sure to make your sweet heart smile.

    Date methods in Alexandria

    Both my hubby and I love it, Really keeps things fresh and changes some misconception. your, You may choose to go to one of your own favorite places. Who cares folks who wants carry a tune? Fresh ideas are much appreciated especially when you’re older; Keeps that very little spark going! Dining in Complete night: There is a lot more restaurants all over the world e. Have dinner at a basic, Quaint eaterie; Or inside your house, Paired with a good bottle of wine. Just make sure you make your mind up based on common interests. a person may also watch the planes as they land at Reagan National Airport.

    108 Unique Date overnight Ideas

    the world of Coca Cola gives you a glimpse of the bottling process, Features a 4D movie experience and gives you the chance to sample Coke products from over the world. at the start, A good date idea sets the scene to break the ice and help you make a connection with someone. First one to fill a line on their own card wins! Get some tips for your forthcoming date with these 15 ideas. Sometimes it is advisable let your body do the talking. Good first date ideas are ones that facilitate upbeat experience, So it’s probably not recommended to choose a loud bar or dark movie theater. Hang white twinkle lights coming from your ceiling, Use a sheet to create a fort around a bed of pillows, Add a few pastries, as well as a romantic campsite for two. The souvenirs from the evening are just a bonus.

    a perfect List of Date Night Ideas in Atlanta

    Foodies will like the, An inter getting, Vibrant four course as well as wine dinner, Or available in and. First, Find a spot for a walk and talk. I am a stickler on careers and I wanted to let you know how happy I am! Enjoy drinks and upscale golfing actually need to run private bay at, Or go for a nostalgic time spent at. I remember fondly the look on his face once the curtain opened. The more charming the spot you choose, the more. nada brings people closer like shared fear.

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