WATCH: Senator McCaskill HIDES From Press At Town Hall – Shows Exactly How ‘Transparent’ Her Office Will Be

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Senator Claire McCaskill — the Democrat from Missouri who’s running for re-election — really doesn’t want to talk to the press, as evidenced by a laughable video of her hiding behind a pillar at a town hall.

“Nothing to see here, just your ‘open and transparent’ Senator hiding behind a pillar because she didn’t want her ‘public’ town hall recorded,” the Missouri GOP tweeted.

The Missouri GOP then immortalized McCaskill in a comical gif that captured the full irony and hypocrisy of a Democrat politician running on a platform of government transparency while literally hiding from the media.

“We need Josh badly,” Trump said of Hawley, an affable, telegenic 38-year-old Yale and Stanford graduate.

Hawley, an attorney, was once a law clerk for John Roberts, the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court.

While McCaskill is hiding out, Josh Hawley is out front every day meeting with Missouri voters to hear their suggestions for how he can best represent them in the U.S. Senate.

McCaskill is under fire from many Missourians because she voted against the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, whom many Americans felt was unfairly maligned and attacked.

“Claire McCaskill is now 0-for-6 on Supreme Court nominees since she started running for the Senate 12 long years ago,” Josh Hawley said in a statement. “She has sided with Chuck Schumer every single time — for liberals and against Missouri.”

Republicans view McCaskill’s seat as one of their best chances of flipping a seat in the Senate, thanks to her plunging popularity and numerous scandals.

Even though historically the party in power lose seats in the midterm elections, there is an excellent chance that Republicans can hang onto the House and Senate this year. After all, the GOP has won against greater odds in the recent past.

Patriots, please vote on November 6. America’s future depends on you.


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