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[VIDEO] Hillary Goes On The Defensive (For Some Reason) And Explains How Accusations Against Kavanaugh Are NOTHING Like The Ones Against Her Husband Bill

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Two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made head-scratching remarks in a new interview with CNN while defending her husband against the allegations of sexual misconduct that he has faced over the years.

From Daily Wire:

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour interviewed Clinton about the joint speaking tour she is going on with Bill, where tickets to attend are going for up to $700 each, according to the Daily Mail.

“You say that you are going to talk about the difficulties that your husband went through, that you went through,” Amanpour said. “Obviously you’re going to be prepared to have questions about that moment in 1998, the impeachment, the allegations of sexual [misconduct] against your own husband.”

“Are you prepared to answer those questions?” Amanpour asked. “Is he prepared to answer them? And how do you see that similar or different from what President Trump is being accused of and Kavanaugh and others today?”

Clinton responded by saying the allegations against her husband were totally different because partisan politics were involved.

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“There’s a very significant difference,” Clinton responded. “And that is the intense, long-lasting partisan investigation that was conducted in the ’90s.”

“If, you know, the Republicans, starting with President Trump on down, want a comparison, they should welcome such an investigation themselves,” Clinton concluded while nodding her head in silence for a few seconds.


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