Dershowitz: Those Who Willfully Made False Accusations Against Kavanaugh Should Be PUNISHED

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Liberal Harvard professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz on Saturday called for an FBI investigation into Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick — who’s represented by Michael Avenatti — because of the “possibility” that she could have “made that up out of whole cloth.”

“I believed [Blasey Ford]. I thought she made a very, very compelling case, but it’s years and years and years ago, could be a case of mistaken identification,” Dershowitz said. “She could misremember. He could misremember. I’m not in any way accusing her of anything wrong. The sexual McCarthyism came from people like Avenatti and his client. There is certainly a possibility — a possibility — that she may have made that up out of whole cloth. Never met the man. Didn’t travel in the same social circles.”

Dershowitz then called for “consequences” for women who “deliberately and willfully” falsely accuse someone of sexual misconduct.

“I want the FBI to look into that because the #MeToo movement needs to understand there’s no genetically linked lying gene or truth telling gene and if a woman deliberately and willfully falsely accuses somebody of sexual misconduct, there have to be consequences,” he said. “So if there are going to be investigations, let the investigations be fair on both sides.”

Via DailyCaller

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