Lindsey Graham Uses A Classy Response To Swat Away Yelling Protesters With A Chuckle!

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We aren’t entirely sure where Sen. Lindsey Graham has been leaving his spine all these years. We will be the first to admit that you don’t have to look too far back in time to pull up controversial moments in his past. Heck, he’s been blasted in the past by several Conservative outlets for often blurring the lines of party loyalty.

Regardless, something about the passing of his close friend, Sen. John McCain, and the horrible debacle of Democrat obstructionist tactics throughout the Kavanaugh confirmation circus has brought Graham’s spine out from hiding.

We couldn’t be more pleased.

The new swagger and gumption has given a once poky Senator an air of Republican pride. Several videos have emerged throughout the Kavanaugh circus with Graham delivering solid, heartfelt, fiery condemnation of Democrats and protesters alike.

Graham 2.0 may just be able to undo his soft years of mediocrity and help stoke the fires of change so desperately needed in a stagnant GOP. And his new sparky attitude couldn’t have come at a better time. November is quickly approaching and Democrats are losing grip on their self-proclaimed ‘Blue Wave’.


On Friday, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), followed by a protester screaming at him regarding the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court, had another of his patented swift rejoinders when the protester shouted that they would remove him from office, retorting, “Please move to South Carolina.”

A protester barked, “Old, white, privileged patriarchy,” at Graham as he walked to his car.

Graham, grinning, calmly replied, “Please move to South Carolina.”

The protester continued barking, “We are voting you of office.”

Graham, smiling, “I hope you come —you’ll be welcome in South Carolina.”

Protester, fulminating as Graham got into his car, “Believe women! Believe your daughters! Believe your mother! Believe your sisters! He lied under oath!”

Meanwhile, Graham rode away, no doubt grinning.

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