Whoops! Dr. Ford’s Story Was Just DESTROYED By This Person From Her Past That Showed Ford’s TRUE COLORS

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Leland Keyser’s relative has accused Christine Blasey Ford of throwing her “witness” and lifelong friend–Keyser–“under the bus.” This family member also sounds skeptical of Ford’s allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

From Breitbart:

Ford, the woman whose accusations of sexual conduct have crumbled under scrutiny, claimed that Keyser, a lifelong friend since high school, would validate her allegation.

Instead, Keyser said in a statement that she not only does not remember the house party where the 1982 incident allegedly took place, but she also has never even met Kavanaugh.

Although Ford’s story has countless discrepancies already, the fact that all three of her witnesses come down on the side of Kavanaugh–including her lifelong friend, Keyser–has blown the biggest hole in Ford’s shaky credibility. (They either do not remember the gathering or refute it completely.)

During her testimony last week before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Ford was asked about Keyser, and according to the Daily Mail, Keyser’s family is furious about what happened next.

What Ford told the committee about Keyser struck many as an attempt by Ford to attack her friend with the claim that Keyser would remember the incident if her health were not so bad, or that her health struggles forced her to lie because she does not have the strength to tell the truth. Here is what Ford said:

Leland has significant health challenges, and I’m happy that she’s focusing on herself and getting the health treatment that she needs, and she let me know that she needed her lawyer to take care of this for her, and she texted me right afterward with an apology and good wishes, and et cetera. So I’m glad that she’s taking care of herself.

I don’t expect that P.J. and Leland would remember this evening. It was a very unremarkable party. It was not one of their more notorious parties because nothing remarkable happened to them that evening. They were downstairs.

According to this unnamed family member who spoke to the Daily Mail, Keyser is dealing with significant health issues, and Ford’s tossing her into this maelstrom without any notice did not help.

“Leland was completely blindsided by her name being thrown into it all. The first thing she knew about it was when she woke up on Thursday morning and her name was just everywhere. It was crazy,” the relative said.

Keyser’s loved one also sounded skeptical of Ford’s allegations against Kavanaugh. “I think it’s quite convenient that [Ford] named the person who is frankly probably the least physically capable of all of them to stand up and be subjected to questioning or give her account.”

“It really felt a lot like Christine was the one called to the principal’s office to give an account of something and just threw her under the bus,” this person said, adding, “You know, just reached for a name.”

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