America Overwhelmingly Supports Kavanaugh, Raise Over $500K Through GoFundMe Account

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Astute observers have noticed over the past few months that the latest tactic for the left to highlight and support those who are “resisting” President Donald Trump’s administration has been via the fundraising website GoFundMe.

Americans have witnessed massive amounts of money raised in short periods of time for such “heroes” of the left as fired FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe and fired FBI agent Peter Strzok, among others.

The latest recipient of an outpouring of financial support from the left through GoFundMe accounts was Christine Blasey Ford, the accuser of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who at last glance had received almost $1 million via at least five separate accounts opened in her name.

But two can play the new “fundraising in support of” game, and a GoFundMe account was created Sept. 24 so people could express their support for Kavanaugh and his family.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the account had raised more than $540,000 from no less than 11,670 individuals.

The stated goal of the fundraiser was $550,000, which had been increased several times from an initial goal of $100,000, due to so many donations pouring in.

The account was created and is being managed by John Hawkins, a conservative author and founder of the website Right Wing News. On the GoFundMe page, Hawkins made it abundantly clear that every single dollar raised on behalf of Kavanaugh’s family will go to them, or to the charity of their choice, should they decline to accept the funds as offered.

“Like many decent people from both parties, I have been disgusted by the unsubstantiated 36-year-old smears aimed at Brett Kavanaugh,” Hawkins wrote.

“We live in a country where innocent until proven guilty is supposed to mean something, yet Brett Kavanaugh’s reputation is being dragged through the mud while his family is facing non-stop death threats,” he continued.

“This is a horrible way to treat a good man who has dedicated his life to public service. So many unethical people are giving unprovable 36-year-old accusations the same weight as 6 FBI background checks, hundreds of hours of hearings and testimony under oath. It is disgraceful,” Hawkins added.

In a series of updates, Hawkins addressed questions about the wealth of the Kavanaugh family — they aren’t particularly wealthy — as well as queries about Hawkins himself and his connection to the Kavanaugh family. There isn’t one, he is just a concerned conservative citizen standing up in support of a fiercely maligned family.

Hawkins also described his repeated efforts to reach the Kavanaugh family through various contacts and friends — including Kavanaugh’s attorney and staffers — and noted that he was also working closely with GoFundMe personnel to ensure that the raised funds would be held ready and available for whenever the Kavanaugh family decided how they wished to proceed in that regard.

Sadly, one of the updates provided by Hawkins noted how the comments section of the account had to be disabled due to a significant number of people who chose to donate messages of hate and vitriol for the family instead of messages of love and support or financial assistance.

However, it was also pointed out that GoFundMe would keep and provide an archive of the public comments and private messages sent that could later be forwarded to the Kavanaugh family so they could read the outpouring of support they had received from thousands of people across the country.

The media made a huge deal out of the GoFundMe accounts in support of Kavanaugh accuser Ford, particularly how those accounts had spiked greatly after she had casually mentioned them during her Thursday testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Oddly, the media hasn’t really mentioned this popular and rapidly growing display of support for Kavanaugh’s family, which is just one more example of how the media has most certainly picked a side in this partisan fight — and that side definitely isn’t Kavanaugh’s.

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