‘Scumbag’ CNN Analyst Attacks Don Jr.’s Kids, Trump Makes Sure He REGRETS It

Donald Trump Jr. called CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin a “scumbag” on Tuesday after Toobin accused him of peddling “garbage.”

Trump Jr. said in an interview with DailyMailTV released Monday that he fears more for his sons than his daughters amid the sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh.

“When the other side weaponizes [sexual assault claims] against men 40 years later, and says, you know, ‘we can bring it up, and you did something in high school that no one remembers, but it should disqualify you from ever doing anything ever again,’ it really diminishes the real claims,” Trump Jr. said.

During a CNN interview on Tuesday morning, Toobin insisted that Trump Jr. was just “whining about the poor plight of white men” in America.

Trump Jr. shot back at Toobin on Twitter, writing, “What’s actual garbage is a partisan liberal hack who masquerades as a journalist on @CNN, attacking me for loving & caring about all my children.”

“It’s scumbags like @JeffreyToobin, who don’t believe in the presumption of innocence that cause me to worry for my sons,” the president’s son added.

Via DailyCaller

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