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Self-Proclaimed ‘Feminazi’ Pours Bleach Onto Crotch Of Male Metro Travelers For ‘Manspreading’

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A Russian feminazi has filmed herself on the St. Petersburg metro pouring bleach on the crotches of men she considers guilty of “man-spreading.”

From Breitbart:

This unhinged behaviour — apparently, she boasts, the bleach is “30 times more concentrated than the mixture used by housewives when doing the laundry” — has proved too much even for some of her fellow feminists.

Funny, isn’t it, how whenever feminism produces lunatic behaviour some true defender of the faith like Criado Perez has to come along and womansplain to us how this isn’t real feminism?

(It’s a bit like what Marxists do when they look at disaster areas like Venezuela: “That isn’t real socialism,” they explain.)

But Criado Perez is quite wrong. Mad Russian bleach harpie — a 20-year old law student called Anna Dovgalyuk — is exactly what modern feminism looks like: embittered, vindictive and self-righteous.

The self-righteousness is what makes it so dangerous. No way would Dovgalyuk have engaged in her ugly little self-promotion stunt if she hadn’t deluded herself that she was striking a blow for the Sisterhood against millennia of entrenched phallocentric injustice.

And where did she get the idea about this entrenched phallocentric injustice?

From feminism, of course.

Feminism isn’t about claiming equal treatment for men and women. That ship sailed long ago: ask any divorce or employment lawyer.

Feminism is licensed man-hatred.

Men like sitting with their legs apart — always have done — because that way they can avoid crushing their balls, perhaps give them a bit of air.

Only in roughly the last five years — out of all the millennia men have been doing this — has it been given a name “manspreading” and seized by feminists as yet another excuse to berate men.


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