Kavanaugh’s Legal Team May Just BURY Ford’s Sketchy Accusations With One GENIUS Move

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Judge Kavanaugh has released his summer of 1982 calendars.

However, it looks like his legal team has made a strategic move…

It appears they’re not releasing his “weekend” plans, until AFTER Christine Blasey Ford testifies.

Could THAT be the “gotcha” moment?

We’ll see.

Daily Wire

Lawyers for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sent his 1982 calendar to the Senate Judiciary Committee late on Tuesday night, which Judge Kavanaugh is expected to use to help counter allegations of sexual misconduct during hearings this week.

Kavanaugh’s lawyers sent five pages from the calendar to the committee, including the calendar’s cover and the pages for May, June, July, and August.

USA Today reports that Kavanaugh “listed his chores, including mowing the lawn, and a father-son dinner. He listed sleepovers at his friend’s homes, including that of Mark Judge, Kavanaugh’s friend and classmate at Georgetown Preparatory School.”

Kavanaugh also listed several parties on the calendar as well as “a number of beach trips with friends and other hangouts.”

USA Today further notes that “Ford’s name isn’t mentioned at all on the calendar, but she has said she didn’t know Kavanaugh well at the time of the alleged assault and did not remember exactly where and when it happened.”

The copy of the calendar obtained by USA Today shows everything listed from Monday through Friday for all four months but cuts off Kavanaugh’s weekend activities. It is unclear whether this is because of the way the calendar was scanned and sent to the committee or if this is a possible tactic by Kavanaugh’s legal team, which may want to only reveal Kavanaugh’s weekend activities after Christine Blasey Ford testifies.

Here are the five calendar pages that were sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee:

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