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SCARY: The Mexican Cartel Has Slaughtered a Dozen People South of the Border In 24 Hours – Could They Be Headed Into The US Next?

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Out-of-control cartel violence throughout the Mexican coastal state of Michoacan recently yielded 10 murders in 11 hours. Despite regular assurances by officials, the bloodshed continues virtually unchallenged.

From Breitbart:

The murders took place on Saturday in a rural region of Michoacan with a growing number of crime scenes reported in the cities Nueva Italia, Apatzingan, Uruapan, and Sahuayo. While authorities did not release any formal information, intelligence sources revealed to Breitbart Texas that Los Viagras Cartel is the responsible group.

Los Viagras continues its Michoacan dominance while receiving protection from top state officials. The growing number of murder victims comes at a time when the head of Mexico’s National Security Commission Renato Sales Heredia made statements about police being a national example to follow despite their cartel collusion.


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