‘Are You Stupid?’ Judge Jeanine Takes Dianne Feinstein To The Woodshed!

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Judge Jeanine blasts Democrats and specifically Dianne Feinstein for the desperate and embarrassing “high school letter” debacle they tried to use against SCOTUS nominee Judge Kavanaugh.

The judge points out that Feinstein had the “anonymous letter,” since the start of the hearing. The letter, reportedly claims Judge Brett Kavanaugh “sexually assaulted” a woman in HIGH SCHOOL.

The reason Feinstein didn’t reveal the goofy letter, as Judge Jeanine points out, is because not even she believes it.

There are moments when you literally cringe at other people’s actions. This “letter” was one of those moments – right up there with Corey Bookers “Spartacus” moment.



Saturday on Fox News Channel’s “Justice,” host Jeanine Pirro hammered Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, for producing revelations of sexual misconduct allegations aimed at U.S. Supreme Court associate justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh after her committee questioned Kavanaugh.

Pirro questioned the timing of the release of the allegations and noted that Feinstein passed on opportunities to question Kavanaugh on the subject.

“Dianne, you’ve been sitting on this letter for almost two months,” she said. “You let Brett Kavanaugh go through days of Senate hearings, meetings with senators, answer an additional 263 pages of 1,300 follow-up written questions — and now you want to character assassinate this man who has undergone six FBI full-field investigations where no such allegation resembling this anonymous nonsense has ever surfaced? Dianne, as a ranking member of the committee interviewing Kavanaugh, how could you possibly let a moment pass without addressing the issue, and Kavanaugh is right in front of you and would have had the opportunity to respond? What were you thinking? Are you stupid? Why would you let it go?”

“Let me tell you why you let it go, Dianne: Because even you didn’t believe it,” she added. “What other reason could there be?”

Via TruthFeed

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