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Oh Come On, Michelle – This Is The WORST TIME To Go on a Book Tour, and You’re Starting In WHICH City?! Pathetic!

Former first lady Michelle Obama is visiting Chicago to sell a book about herself as Chicago’s body count mounts.

From Breitbart:

Concerning Chicago, Breitbart News reported that at least 25 were shot and wounded and another six shot and killed during Labor Day Weekend in Chicago. The Chicago Sun-Times reported that ten were wounded and two were killed on that Sunday alone.

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At least 28 were shot during the August 24-27 weekend, and more than 50 were shot in Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s (D) Chicago during the weekend of August 18-21, six fatally. At least 33 people were shot in Chicago during the weekend of August 10 through the morning of August 13, and more than 70 were shot August 3-6, with 11 dying from their wounds.

The Sun-Times reported that the number of shooting victims in Chicago was well over 2,000 by the end of August.

Amid the gut-wrenching violence, Emanuel announced he will not seek a third term in office. Michelle Obama, however, will be there November 13 to talk about herself.

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