WARNING: Liberal Media Aims To RAMP UP Violent Rhetoric Against Trump Supporters, With No End In Sight

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While the fake news media ignores the violent rhetoric from unhinged anti-American Democrats, and push a false narrative that President Trump and his supporters are perpetuating violence, Trump supporters are facing real danger in the world, with no end in sight.

The reality of the violent crazed liberal world we live in now means if you wear a MAGA hat in public, you run the risk of being attacked. If you attend a pro-Trump rally, you could be attacked. If you’re a GOP candidate, you could be shot and stabbed….and our lying liberal media is covering it all up and blaming us for the division in the country.

This is an important article to share. It’s a reminder to be careful, and also, to remember to get out and vote. We can’t allow these crazy violent people any sliver of power.


Incidents of violence and threats against the political right have escalated as the establishment media amp up its hate rhetoric against President Trump and his supporters.

The morning after Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd compared media critics to racist segregationists and singled out Fox News as one of America’s biggest problems, a man in a “mentally agitated state,” and apparently upset over an officer involved shooting, intentionally crashed his vehicle into the studios of FOX 4 in Dallas, Texas.

Besides Todd, many in the media, especially at far-left CNN have “othered” Fox News and presented the network as a unique danger to America.

CNN’s Brian Stelter has gone so far as to spread conspiracy theories about Fox News controlling President Trump.

Hours after the far-left Washington Post published Joe Scarborough’s September 11 op-ed claiming Trump is a bigger danger to America than the 9/11 terrorists, a mass shooting threat was made against a group of Trump supporters meeting at the president’s hotel in Washington DC.

Overall in the media, most especially at CNN, a coordinated narrative based on nothing but palace intrigue and gossip has been deployed to smear Trump as mentally unstable, reckless, and in need of removal from office — via the 25th Amendment, if necessary.

Although no one is alleging any kind of wrongdoing on the president’s part, and while Trump’s domestic and foreign policy have put the country in the best shape it has been in in nearly 20 years, the media are using Bob Woodward’s anonymously sourced book and an anonymous New York Times op-ed to scare and divide American into believing an objectively successful president is a madman.

To hype his latest book, Fear: Trump in the White House, Woodward said on the Today Show this week that Trump “jeopardizes” our economy and national security. Woodward, however, did not and was not asked to explain how this could be true when the country is doing so well.

CNN constantly attacks Trump with hate rhetoric, smearing him as  “delusional,” as not mentally or psychologically “fit” to be president. Like  Woodward and the Times op-ed, this is all being fed to the media anonymously.

But over the past week or so, as the economic news has gotten better and the Russia Collusion Hoax has collapsed, the desperate hate-rhetoric from the media has escalated. These attacks have also extended to the Republican House for “not doing anything” to save our country from the madman Trump.

Disgraced Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein stated on CNN that he believes our country needs to be “saved” from Trump.

What kind of dogwhistle is he sending with rhetoric like that?

While most voters roll their eyes at the melodrama, the real world effects of this inflammatory rhetoric are strikingly real.

Breitbart News has already tallied over documented 550 instances of harassment, threats, and outright violence aimed at Trump and his supporters, and now were are seeing a definite uptick this week as the media have amped up their ad hominem attacks.

On top of the two incidents above, a GOP congressional candidate in California was attacked with a switchblade on Saturday; a GOP campaign office in Laramie, Wyoming, was lit on fire two days after it opened; conservative columnist Denise McAllister has been forced into hiding due to death and rape threats; and a Broadway actress openly called for Trump’s assassination,

When you compare Trump supporters to segregationists, claim Trump is worse than the 9/11 terrorists, and tell the world we have a madman for president, of course you are calling for drastic action against both him and his supporters, and that includes assassination.

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